Morocco by motorcycle

A road-trip through deserts and mountains

The Vast Deserts and Towering Mountains of Morocco Offer the Perfect Motorcycle Adventure!

The North African country of Morocco is home to hundreds of kilometers of gorgeous coastline, towering mountain peaks, and vast swathes of arid desert. These landscapes combine to make Morocco motorbike tours an amazing experience. Riders are able to disappear into the vast interior on rugged dirt tracks that go on forever, while 4,000 meter peaks offer challenging riding full of thrills, and beachfront roads allow for idyllic cruising.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Morocco

The area that comprises present-day Morocco has been inhabited since Paleolithic times! Remnants of ancient civilizations that existed during more recent history are still present in some parts of the country, like the Roman ruins at Volubilis. The country’s culture, in which you’ll be immersed during one of Planet Ride’s Morocco motorbike holidays, has been influenced by numerous ruling dynasties, as well as French and Spanish colonization in the last 200 years. This depth, and broad influence, makes for a fascinating destination.

While many typical tourist attractions still create a strong draw, and Casablanca even serves as a major cruise ship port, Morocco’s heritage and culture are becoming increasingly popular reasons for tourism. Adventure tourism, like the Morocco motorbike holidays offered by Planet Ride, are gaining in popularity in some parts of the country, and make for an excellent way to explore the stunning landscapes of the country. Aside from the typical pickpockets and cheats, tourists have little to worry about. There may be no shortage of hucksters, but the country is quite safe otherwise, with very little violent crime.

The Morocco motorbike tours curated by Planet Ride will create lifelong memories. The rugged landscapes and exotic culture are only enhanced by the thrill of experiencing it on two wheels. With your adrenaline up, the colors will appear brighter, the spices and food will be all the more pungent and flavorful, and the natural beauty will be all the more impressive!

Planet Ride offers a variety of Morocco motorbike tours

Planet Ride features a number of different options for a Morocco motorcycle adventure tour. Whether you only need a short Morocco motorbike hire for a couple of days, or an all-out trek that lasts several weeks, we have a tour that will meet your needs! After you pick the dates and decide on your group members, our specialist travel partners will guide you on the adventure ride of a lifetime.

The shortest ride we currently offer is a quick two-day adventure from Marrakech to Tahnaout, and back. You’ll hop on a fun little Monkey or Dax 48cc bike and speed towards the mighty Atlas mountains. After making a few stops on the return journey, you’ll roll back into Marrakech just in time for a gorgeous sunset. On the other end of the time spectrum is our 16-day raid that covers the majority of the country. You can choose from a typical enduro bike, your own ride, or even grab a riding partner and set off on a Ural equipped with a sidecar! After crossing the Mediterranean by ferry from Sète, you’ll arrive in Tangier. From there, you’ll travel through major cities like Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes; see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Essaouira and Ait Ben Haddou; summit peaks reaching over 3,700 meters of altitude; wander the blue city of Chafchouan; and immerse yourself in all aspects of the culture during the ultimate of Morocco motorbike holidays!

The majority of the Morocco motorbike tours we curate run about one week in length. These raids feature bikes like the Yamaha 660 Ténéré, Beta Alp 4.0, other mid-sized enduro bikes, and even a few sidecar models. You’ll set off from any number of cities (including Fes, Marrakech, Demnate, and others) and cover about 1,500 kilometers over the course of the trip! Along the way, as you tear down barely traveled tracks, you’ll experience everything Morocco’s amazing geography and culture have to offer. A few highlights include discovering the largest palm grove in the world, near Agdz; ascending to the base of Mount Toubkal, the highest point in Morocco; crossing the High Atlas mountains via Tizi n’Tchka Pass, surprising troops of macaques in the forests between Ifrane and Midelt; and passing through the Tessaout Wadi. Some of the cultural adventures that await you, include the spice markets of Marrakech, lunching in traditional Berber restaurants, and taking a camel trek into the dunes of Erg Chebbi for an evening spent in traditional nomadic tents under the massive night sky.