Road trips in United States

With 50 Different States, You’re Bound to Find Some Great Road Trips

The United States of America is a massive country spanning almost 2.96 million square miles from the east coast to the west, and that’s not including Alaska or Hawaii! One can find gorgeous scenery and unique attractions in nearly every state making USA travel incredibly customizable and personal. Whether you want jagged, soaring mountains and rugged wilderness, beautiful sandy beaches, or solitude on the open plain or amid a dense forest, America’s incredibly diverse geography contains a landscape and climate to please almost anyone. America has often been referred to as the “melting pot” because it has blended cultures and traditions from nearly the entire world. The different geographic regions (south versus north, west versus east, etc.) will have their unique defining characteristics, but within those areas, you’ll find pockets of populations from anywhere and everywhere! For instance, New York style pizza versus Chicago style pizza, Creole food in the Mississippi Delta or lobster rolls along the New England coast, a Boston accent versus a Texas drawl, or the sun and nightlife of Miami versus the surf culture of San Diego. To try to talk about each group of people, their culture and cuisine, and what one state offers versus another could take all day, and then some! Anywhere you go will have local specialties, customs, and the like. So, be open to trying new things and be a pleasant traveler, and you’re almost guaranteed to have a fantastic road trip adventure.

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