Road trips in Austria

Art, Cuisine, and Nature Combine for an Epic Road Trip Adventure in Austria

Austria is a diverse mix of landscapes, all of which combine to offer gorgeous scenery and epic road trips! While mountains dominate a good portion of the country, the geography is far more varied and includes everything from picturesque alpine valleys and vineyards to rolling hills and farmland, and even semi-arid steppes. Whether your Austria travel plans include a leisurely car ride across the countryside, a heart-pounding motorcycle ride through the Alps, or just a few Vienna tours on foot, Planet Ride has an Austria itinerary to meet your needs.

With the culture, history, and geographic diversity all packed into one European country, Austria tour packages can include all kinds of fun. Outdoor adventure sports and activities of some sort, like skiing, cycling, and hiking, can be enjoyed year-round. If outdoor scenery captures your attention, you will not be disappointed. Destinations like High Mountain and Thayatal National Parks offer towering peaks, wonderful alpine valleys, and ancient castles and fortresses. Austrian culture also deeply embodies the arts, especially music and film. Austria is home to several famous composers and Vienna is packed full of art museums, concert halls, and the like. Historically significant architecture also abounds, from the majestic Schoenbrunn Palace of Vienna to the Hohensalzburg fortress of Salzburg.

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