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Savor slower, lively travel like the locals with a scooter tour

A scooter tour or road trip is a fun, engaging way to see the sights and immerse in the local culture, where you might be! Arranging a scooter road trip through Planet Ride lets you dive into the fun and freedom of cruising around the countryside on your vacation while leaving the planning and hard work to us. We offer trips around the world with scooter or moped touring in 10 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa! The duration of a scooter tour can be as short as two days or last as long fourteen, and the possibilities of what you do in between are nearly endless! A Vespa Italy tour could mean exploring Tuscany, Piedmont, the northern lakes, or soaking up the sun of Sardinia. Our Asian tours let you meet local ethnic tribespeople in Laos, travel to Chiang Mai in Thailand, or discover the unspoiled treasures of Myanmar. In Africa, you can make your way through Burkina Faso by foot and moped while learning about the ancient traditions and cultural heritage of the Gourounsis tribes. During your journey, our expert guides will be with you every step of the way. They can assist with any maintenance problems in the tiny chance they occur, and also be your link to the secret spots and local customs. Some tours offer complete freedom, for you to explore on your own without a guide. Many of our tours let you ride an iconic Vespa scooter, while others feature other manufacturers and models like the SYM Symphony 125, Yamaha Cygnus 125, or Honda Wave. A few trips employ mopeds like the 49cc Peugeot P50, 110cc Sanili, or even a classic Solex! If you are set on a Vespa road trip, check out our European tours which, especially those in Italy. Regardless of which vehicle you choose, a scooter tour is a fantastic way to experience any country. You have the thrill of riding on two wheels, but get to travel a little slower and relaxed to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings at a much deeper level.

Our selection of roadtrip with moped scooter vespa:

What Planet Ride offers for Scooter Road Trips

Vespa travel (or any scooter or moped) is a great way to see a country and Planet Ride currently offers Vespa trips around the world, from Italy to Bali! Whether you want sun and food, delicious food and wine, or the chance to meet and connect with locals, a Vespa tour will satisfy your travel needs! Some of our best Vespa travel options are detailed below.

We feature several Vespa Italy tours, but the six days of Italian culture and gastronomy in the Marche region offers an awesome variety of experiences. It is a shorter Vespa tour, but jam-packed with fun and excitement. You will travel between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains while getting to experience a variety of landscapes in between. This Vespa trip starts in Serra de Conti, which will act as your home base, and is where you’ll receive your ride and travel briefing. The first day of riding will take you to the municipality of Arcevia, where you can see centuries-old villages and fortresses, along with the impressive Frasassi Caverns. Day two is spent along the Adriatic coast enjoying the sun, sand, surf, and everything else offered by the popular town of Senigallia. The third day of riding is dedicated to the Verdicchio wine region where you can try delicious white wines, view beautiful churches and palaces, and see the wine label museum in Cupramontana. Finally, your last day of Vespa fun is spent exploring the lush valley of Cesano, which is famous for its food, cheese, olive oil, handicrafts, and more. If a different Vespa Italy tour might be more fun, Planet Ride also offers trips through Sardinia, Piedmont, Tuscany, Apulia, Umbria, and the Lake Garda region.

While you’ll still have plenty of time to relax on the beach, a Vespa tour offers 14 days of surf and fun in Bali. After an invigorating first day of hiking and traditional Balinese massages, you’ll collect your scooter and begin your journey. Destination along your trek include Pemuteran, Munduk, and Ubud, as well as the villages of Wongaya Gede, Penglipuran, and Kamasan. Along the way, you’ll have beautiful views of the sea, visit the Lusaka coffee plantation, take a boat tour of Menjangan island, and visit the Buddhist temple of Brahmavihara, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Jatiluwih rice paddies, and the Besakih temple. The sights will be unforgettable, but there is equally as much to do while on this Bali Vespa tour. From hot springs and surf lesson to whitewater rafting and even participating in a Balinese blessing ceremony, you will never have a dull moment !

If you want an eye-level experience with multiple facets of the local culture, then our 8-day moped trek through Burkina Faso is the right choice for you! This moped road trip begins in Orodora after your expert guide provides a transfer from Ouagadougou. Mopeds, or “char” as they are called here, are a very common form of transportation here, so you will be jumping right into the local way of life. Finally, we depart for our adventure, traveling along some excellent roads surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Along your journey, you will visit the villages of Niansogoni, which is in a region of numerous splendid waterfalls; Sindou, with its rocky environment; and Tangrela, which sits adjacent to a lake of the same name. There will also be plenty to see and do during this trip. You will visit markets, spend a rhythmic evening in one of the villages, complete with tribal music and instruments, explore Lake Tangrela by canoe, and much more !