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For your scooter trip to France you are free to explore this beautiful country at your speed and rhythm. You ride your scooter in the French countryside, crossing the mountainous landscapes, the plains and the rivers of France, and stop in the lovely villages. The scooter has been adapted perfectly for riding on the roads in France and is in good condition.

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Even though I have travelled across the world, Europe continues to hold a special place in my heart and I am always excited about exploring this beautiful region.  In all…

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Explore Beautiful French Countryside By Scooter

France holds a special place in nearly every traveler’s heart. Whether for the cuisine, the wine, the art, or merely the romance and love the country exudes, it’s hard not to be enamored. A scooter trip through France is a fantastic way to immerse in and more deeply connect with the countryside that surrounds you. No matter where you take your scooter in France, you’re bound to find immeasurable beauty. From the countryside of Normandy, Provence, Alsace-Lorraine, Burgundy, the Pyrenees, or the Alps, to the museums of Paris and the Roman ruins of Lyon you’ll repeatedly be amazed. The experience only becomes more entrancing from the back of a scooter. The easiest explanation is that you’ll feel more alive – colors become more vivid, sunsets more gorgeous, you can even smell your surroundings!

France has such a profound history and a rich culture it is hard to summarize. It’s lands have been inhabited by humans and their ancestors for millions of years. In more recent history, France has been home to countless painters, writers, philosophers, and other artists; science, from math to medicine, has evolved here; wars have been fought here, and nations have been built and broken on this soil. You’ll see and learn, and practically feel, all of this as your journey through the country.

Imagine a two-wheeled trek from the Eiffel Tower to the gardens of Versailles; the silent, somber former battlefields around Caen to the island fortress of Mont St. Michel; the mountain peaks surrounding Chamonix to the vineyards surrounding Bordeaux. Each scooter trip we feature will let you explore the outstanding sights, scenery, cuisine, and culture of each city, town, village, and the rest of that entire region!

With such diverse geography, the weather will vary quite a bit across the country. The Mediterranean region offers the mildest winters and hottest summers, while the rest of the country will experience wetter, colder winters, and cooler but still warm summers. The mountainous regions, from the Alps to the Pyrenees, see cold, snowy, harsh winters. Generally, late spring to early fall will offer the best weather for a scooter trip in France. To take advantage of the best weather, we feature the majority of our France tours between April and October.

The same diversity extends to the culture of France. What is commonly eaten in Normandy will be utterly foreign to someone in Marseilles, just as the French spoken in Toulouse will sound much different than Strasbourg. No matter where you travel within the country, you’re bound to find interesting and amazing aspects of the culture.

There isn’t much in the way of critical details that you’ll need ahead of your trip. France is easily reached by plane from much of North America, and plane or train from Britain and the rest of continental Europe. Check the visa requirements for your particular country, but coming from Canada, the U.S., or the EU won’t require any special paperwork. Lastly, use common sense, and you’re unlikely to experience any problems during your scooter adventure.

What Planet Ride offers for Scooter adventures in France

Planet Ride features a variety of France tours, and we are continually seeking out additional guides and tours. We only partner with top-notch local guides and tour companies to ensure you have an incredible road trip experience. This means each of our scooter in France rides has been carefully selected and you can trust that your guide will help you each step of the way. Whether you need a hand changing a flat tire, figuring out the daily specials at some quaint little cafe, or deciphering that last road sign, your guide will be there for you! If you’d prefer an added sense of freedom, we do occasionally feature tours that let you travel without a guide.

To give you a sense of what your France scooter tour might entail, imagine taking command of a 125cc LML scooter before setting out on a 3-day trek around the Loire valley. You’ll begin by cruising along the banks of the Cher river as you visit the first of many fanciful châteaux of Villandry, Langeais, Ussé. You’ll end the first day with a visit to one of the wine cellars of Chinon where you can enjoy a tasting of the local wines! Day 2 takes you along the Vienne and Indre rivers, through gorgeous villages like Crissay sur Manse and Montrésor, and along routes entirely unknown to most tourists. Along the way, be sure to explore the cuisine and culture, and of course, more wine! Finally, you’ll spend your last travel day amid the castles of Amboise, Chenonceau, Chaumont, Cheverny, and most impressively, Chambord. This last château is unbelievable! It is the second most visited château in France and a masterpiece of the French Renaissance. During your visit, you can climb the double-helix open staircase to the royal hunting exhibits, gaze out from the many terraces upon the canal and the wildlife reserve. Finally, you’ll wind along back roads through the region of Sologne and the vineyards of Touraine before ending up in Tours to end your trip.

Another of our tours is offered by Nadine, who is based in Montelimar and whose passion for motorcycle travel and a scooter trip runs more than thirty years deep! During this journey, you’ll explore the lavender plantations, pine forest, and mountains that surround the charming roads of Provençe. There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the culinary pleasures, fantastic wines, and other cultural aspects of the region. This 4-day trek beings and ends in Montelimar, and features visits to Rochebaudin, Saou, Grignan, Montjoyer, and Aiguebelle Abbey along the way.