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Travel to France by Scooter

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Go on a scooter trip to France and explore the little charming roads of France at your pace.

For your scooter trip to France you are free to explore this beautiful country at your speed and rhythm. You ride your scooter in the French countryside, crossing the mountainous landscapes, the plains and the rivers of France, and stop in the lovely villages. The scooter has been adapted perfectly for riding on the roads in France and is in good condition.

Laurent - France - scooter and moped
Certified specialist scooter and moped

Even though I have travelled across the world, Europe continues to hold a special place in my heart and I am always excited about exploring this beautiful region.  In all…

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Vespa 125cc

More about France scooter tours

Go on one of our scooter trips to France to explore this beautiful country in full freedom, away from the tourist crowds and major roads. Riding your scooter on small countryside roads, our trips are a unique way to visit the south of France and enjoy its small and authentic villages. Designed especially for lovers of independent travel, you are free to stop your scooter whenever and wherever you want and enjoy the beautiful countryside landscapes, visit the cultural monuments, grab a lunch in the local Ginguettes or picnic at the foot of the mountains. On your scooter, you are free and enjoy all the thrills and pleasures of the road at your pace. Leave with your partner or your friends on one of our unique scooter trips to France and explore the breathtaking beauty of this country!