Planet Ride Guarantees

Planet Ride:
Travel Guarantees and Assurances

To make your next trip perfect and stress-free, Planet Ride promises you several extra guarantees and assurances. 
With these added guarantees and assurances, it is simpler and safer to travel with Planet Ride than with a local travel agency!

1. Certification of Local Road Trip Experts

All specialist partners selected by Planet Ride have received the Planet Ride certification. This certification is granted to a motorised travel agency following a step-wise validation process carried out by our team. We review each agency according to its local knowledge, the quality of its proposed trips, customer satisfaction and the reputation of the agency. Our goal – to select the best specialists for motorised travel for you. Know more about the Planet Ride certification.

2. Local Expert Quality Guarantee

Ensuring the quality of service offered by our experienced partners is our job. A passionate team, specifically dedicated to the selection of our partners, analyses the performance of agencies around the world before offering their trips through Planet Ride. Specialist partners benefitting from the Planet Ride certification have committed to respect the quality charter of the Planet Ride community. Know more about our quality charter.

3. Direct Price Guarantee – Up to 30% Cheaper

Our specialist partners are committed to providing fair and competitive prices according to the services offered and assure the best quality of services for a competitive price. As a community member, you also receive regular discounts designed exclusively for the Planet Ride community. With Planet Ride, you pay the same price for your trip as that charged for direct bookings by our partners. You will not be charged extra for booking with Planet Ride. 
Our direct prices are up to 30% cheaper than those offered by a traditional travel agent! In effect, prices of our specialist partners are the same as if you book directly with them. Planet Ride does not add any margin or commission the price paid by the traveller, in opposition to trips purchased from traditional travel agents or tour operators (who charge a commission from the travel agencies as well as the travellers). Planet Ride has chosen to charge a commission only from the travel agencies, without asking for a higher price from the traveller. The traveller thus pays up to 30% less as compared to traditional agents.

4. Trusted Third Party Guarantee

Planet Ride acts as the trusted third party between you and the specialist partner. We support you in creating your trip and facilitating your relationship with the local agencies. We support and work with you at all stages, whether it be before, during or after your trip.

5. Travellers’ Review-Based Selection Guarantee

Only specialists who have received more than 90% positive reviews from travellers can receive the Planet Ride certification. Travellers’ reviews and their satisfaction are at the heart of our selection method. We publish all opinions of our Planet Riders, without exceptions. Check out their reviews and plan your perfect travel experience with us. 

6. Security of Payment Guarantee

Planet Ride allows you to make fully secure payments to the local specialists. The payments are made in France. Once the payment is received, in the name and on behalf of the partner agency, we confirm your booking and then transfer the payment to the local specialist partner.

7. Third Party Insurance for Vehicles

Planet Ride ensures that you travel safely with our specialist partners. All proposed vehicles are covered by third party insurance (civil liability), underwritten locally by our specialist partners. The partners are committed to providing you with vehicles in perfect condition and order. On request, the specialist partners can provide you with the details of their third party civil liability insurance coverage.

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