Road trips in Laos

Laos is off the radar and a little bit wild

While small, landlocked, and still developing, a Laos travel adventure should not be overlooked! The rugged mountains, vast wilderness, and powerful Mekong river offer awesome off-road Laos adventures. The history of Laos dates back hundreds of years and the country is home to dozens of different ethnic tribes; somewhere around 50 to be precise! You will not be disappointed by the serene natural beauty and vibrant variety of culture hidden in this country as you experience it on two wheels, four, or however you choose.The south of the country, through the Mekong river delta, is relatively flat, but in no way boring! Small, local villages are tucked away around every corner, and offer an incredibly authentic experience of the Laotian culture. The river itself also creates for some exciting adventures, like tubing and rafting, or viewing some of the largest waterfalls in southeast Asia and even the pink freshwater dolphins! Further to the north lies much hillier and mountainous terrain, much of it covered in jungle. This is a great area for any type of off-road Laos adventures. If you are looking for other outdoor adventure, there are opportunities for trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, and elephant visits that focus on conservation.While nature certainly offers plenty of excitement, the culture is no less thrilling. Laos is the least “westernized” and most relaxed of the southeast Asian countries, and still offers a raw, untamed experience. You can visit endless Buddhist temples, architecture from the French colonial period, the iron age megalith structures found on the Plain of Jars, and more. In fact, the entire ancient capital of Luang Prabang has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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