Road trips in South Africa

South Africa : a Rainbow Nation with something for All

Stunning Wildlife, intriguing scenery, rich African culture, and golden beaches are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to South Africa’s beauty. Popularly known by its prefix SA, this southernmost country of Africa offers an array of options for tourists to choose from. Whether you’re a newlywed couple looking for a phenomenal honeymoon, or large family out to spend a great summer holiday or maybe even a business person looking to take some workload burden off your shoulders; South Africa has it for all of you.
A visit to Africa’s most developed country will make you understand the reason behind its nickname, ‘The World in One Country.’ It’s definitely a small world of its own, offering you everything you could want. Great safari South Africa destinations are inclusive of the famous Kruger National Park, the breathtaking city of Cape Town, Fold Drakensberg Mountains and The Amazing Big Five. But to compliment them are also The Kalahari Transfrontier Park, Stellenbosch, The Garden Route and Robben Island. We all know that a visit to Africa without seeing Wildlife is wanting, and SA doesn’t disappoint you with that. The big Five Animals; lion, leopards, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros are all yours to see, and some to make a meal. A significant boost to South Africa’s booming tourism lies with its weather. Its lovely temperate climate comes with plenty of sunny, dry days. The disappointment of locking yourself all day in your room due to unexpected heavy downpours is foreign in this country. Leave behind your umbrellas and trench coats and focus on a great South Africa adventure. Your South Africa travels won’t be complete without the mention of Nelson Mandela; The Father of a Nation. Having spent 27 years in prison, the story of Africa’s most Iconic leader is worth telling and listening too. One thing that we promise you is that your visit to South Africa will result in pleasant, unforgetful memories and lots of souvenirs.

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