Road trips in Portugal

Portugal’s small size packs a patch for road trip adventures

Portugal might not be among the largest countries of Europe, but it offers incredibly diverse geography. One whose borders surprisingly haven’t really changed much in its 900-year history. To the north lies rugged, rocky hills and mountains, deep river valleys, and forests, while the south is renowned for its beaches and sunny weather. In between, there is a little bit of everything, including rolling grassy plains and the dry, hot, almost desert-like area of Alentejo. This variety in landscapes, along with Portugal’s age, have shaped a tremendously rich and diverse culture and will make a Portugal tour unforgettable.

Through exploration and discovery of the new world, Portugal has played a tremendous role in world history – have you ever wondered why Portuguese is spoken in Brazil? Also, while the nation of Portugal might only be a few hundred years old, the human history of the area goes back much farther. Roman and Celtic ruins, like the temple in Evora or the ancient town of Citania de Briteiros outside Guimaraes (which itself is considered the birthplace of Portugal), dot the countryside from north to south. Some of the most astounding archaeological sites to see on your Portugal adventure are the megalith structures outside the town of Evora. Nearly anywhere you stand in this country will take you back hundreds or thousands of years, and you can see and feel that history all around you!

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