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The United States of America is truly a massive country (almost 3 million square miles to be exact) and trying to explain east versus west or north versus south could take all day. Regardless, nearly anywhere you go is bound to have a unique local culture, gorgeous scenery, and great riding! From the swamps of Louisiana to the mountains of Colorado, or the cornfields of the Midwest, and from small towns to packed cities, America runs the gamut. While the U.S. has a short history compared to much of the world, it still runs quite deep. Over time, the nation has become a melting pot of people and cultures from around the world that creates unique influences on the customs, cuisine, dialect, and more. The American spirit and the American dream are what tie all of those different cultures together and are something you’ll see across the United States. The motorcycle has become a staple of the American spirit due to the power and freedom it embodies, and a motorcycle tour USA is a fantastic way to see the country. Whether it’s the Pacific Coast Highway of California, the Overseas Highway through the Florida Keys, or one of the other scenic, historic highway systems, there is no shortage of beautiful two-wheeled adventure. While those are all beautiful, a Route 66 motorcycle tour is another fantastic option for exploring a piece of America’s history, and probably the most famous.

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All you have to know about a motorcycle tour in the USA

Route 66 has a long history in American culture stretching back to the original highways of the U.S. Highway System in 1926! Specifically, a historic Route 66 motorcycle tour takes you from Chicago to Los Angeles and lets you experience a huge piece of American history and several unique pockets of American culture along the way. These highway systems and the famous Route 66 also fed from and into aspects of American culture like freedom, adventure, and exploration that still live on today!

Getting to the U.S. for your motorcycle road trip might take some time but won’t be terribly difficult. There are intercontinental airports across the country – New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, etc. -–that serve Europe, South America, Asia, and beyond on a regular basis. Once you’re here, getting around can be a little trickier as public transit between states is limited. The roads (at least those outside major cities) are generally wide, well-marked, and the signs usually make sense. Drive safely though, as weather conditions can change quickly in many places and drivers can be aggressive! If you’re in the city, keep your wits about you and use common sense. Otherwise, you aren’t likely to have many problems.

What Planet Ride offers for motorcycle adventures in the USA

Planet Ride has a number of expert local guides that we work with across the United States. Whether you’re looking to ride through amazing national parks, cruise the Pacific coast, make your way through the home of the Blues, or visit one of America’s biggest bike rallies, we have found a motorcycle tour USA for you! We’ve spent an enormous amount of time combing through tours to find guides that meet our stringent quality standards, guides that want you to have the road trip of your life.

Our guides can provide such an amazing motorcycle road trip across the United States because they’ve lived and worked there for years. They know the best sights to see, the best places to eat, and they can help you with accommodations or to navigate the local customs. The tours we feature will give you access to several different makes and models of bikes, but for an authentic motorcycle tour USA, there’s only one choice – a Harley Davidson! While many of our trips offer Harleys, two options that are pure Americana are Route 66 USA tours.

One great example of the Route 66 adventures we offer is the 18-day Chicago to Los Angeles trek led by Olivier. He’s been in the U.S. for more than 26 years and will be able to assist with any needs or questions you might have. To begin, you’ll arrive in Chicago and select either a Harley or Indian model as your ride for this journey. From there, you’ll set off through Illinois to Missouri with stops in St. Louis and Springfield before reaching Tulsa, Oklahoma. You’ll notice the scenery change as you head further west, but don’t get so transfixed that you miss the barbecue in Oklahoma City! Once you hit Amarillo, Texas, you’re really starting to get into the American West. From there, it’s on through Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Gallup. Next up are the towns of Holbrook, which inspired the animated movie Cars, Williams, and Winslow (which you might know from the Eagles song). Nearing the end of this journey, you’ll spend a couple of days in Sin City – Las Vegas, Nevada! From there, it’s off to Barstow, CA and LA will practically be in sight. Finally, after more than 2,100 miles of riding, you reach Los Angeles. You’ll finish off the trip with a day or so to explore before flying back home.

There’s also a slightly shorter, 15-day, road trip with another of our fantastic local guides, Marcel. You’ll still cover the full Chicago to Los Angeles adventure but will make a fewer stops along the way. Choose from a Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Road Glide, or Street Glide and get ready to ride! This Route 66 USA tour begins along the Pontiac Trail with a stop Springfield, Illinois, the birthplace of the Blues Brothers. From there, it’s off to Rolla, Missouri where you spend a night in Mark Twain National Forest, and then it’s on to Joplin as you enter the Ozarks. Then, the scenery begins to change as you hit cowboy country (Oklahoma City and Amarillo). And, it changes once again as you reach Santa Fe and get deeper into the southwest. Days 11 and 12 let you witness the immense beauty that is the Grand Canyon. Then it’s off to Las Vegas which is quite the experience in itself! Finally, you’ll reach the end of your 4,000-kilometer journey by passing through LA before reaching Santa Monica. Home to the famous “End of the Trail” sign, it will be a bittersweet moment for sure!