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Experiencing the “Land of Blue Skies” as you carve down the Karakoram Highway, and the other desolate highways of the Mongolian steppes, will be an unforgettable adventure! The vast beautiful emptiness will bring you back in time, closer to nature, and leave you in awe at the end of every day of your Mongolia motorbike tour.

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All about the Karakoram highway in Mongolia

Other Need-to-Know Information about Mongoli

The weather from May through October creates the ideal travel season, and would be the recommended time for Mongolia motorcycle tours. You’ll likely want to avoid the Mongolian winters, as they bring rain or bitter cold, depending on the particular part of the country. Generally, tourism peaks in July to coincide with the Naadam festival that is held July 11th to the 13th.

Motorcycle tours in Mongolia generally begin in Ulaanbaatar, which is the capital of the country, and also the location of Mongolia’s main international airport. However, flights into Ulaanbaatar are limited and you will likely need to catch a flight from Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Istanbul, or Tokyo. Rail is another option for reaching Mongolia’s neighboring countries and the Trans-Mongolian line is part of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. The major roadways in Mongolia are paved and in good condition, but the further you stray from these, the more challenging and exciting the riding will become!

Why Planet Ride should be your only choice for motorcycle adventure in Mongolia

Planet Ride will bring you a truly authentic taste of Mongolia’s nomadic culture. An example of what you can expect from a Planet Ride Mongolia motorbike tour is eight days of demanding riding through a variety of landscapes. You’ll cover the vast steppes and dense forests of central Mongolia with towering mountain ranges looming in the distance. Each day’s ride will be about 4 to 6 hours long, and each night you’ll sleep in upscale yurts which are more comfortable versions of the same sleeping quarters used by the indigenous nomadic populations!

Additional Benefits of riding with Planet Ride

No matter which Mongolia motorcycle adventure you choose, Planet Ride will provide you a completely unique road trip experience. You can choose to join a group with fixed travel dates, or select your own dates and group members. Then, you’ll head off with your local expert guide for the road trip of a lifetime! Our specialist travel partners in Mongolia will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road, or off the beaten path!

While the example tour discussed earlier was one of the more difficult offerings, Planet Ride also offers motorcycle trips for all levels of experience. Whether, low mileage on well-paved roads, or long distances off-road, we have a Mongolia motorbike experience for you.

You can rely on Planet Ride to be your trusted Third Party through the entire trip process, from booking online to each kilometer of your journey through Mongolia. We have a Quality Charter signed by all of us, and all of our travel partners, to guarantee it! We offer the best value for the money, security of payment, and vehicle insurance. You can also read traveller ratings and reviews to judge for yourself!

No matter what needs you may have for your Mongolia motorcycle tours, Planet Ride is sure to fulfill them all!

Tourism Ideas for Mongolia

Your adventure doesn’t have to end with your motorcycle tour. Mongolia offers plenty to do and see, especially in the outdoors. In the countryside, you can choose from trekking, horseback riding, canoeing and more. You might even choose to venture into the gigantic Gobi desert. In Ulaanbaatar you’ll have access to numerous art museums, history museums, and the performing arts – opera, ballet, even traditional song and dance ensembles!