The Karakorum road is one of the most legendary roads of the world! Crossing the massif of the Karakorum, it offers extraordinary landscapes! Khunjerab, meaning "the Valley of the blood" in local language, is the highest that it crosses, located at 4800 m. The latter marks the railway border between ravines and snow-capped mountains.

This road more than 1000 km from Kasghar to China to Islamabad in Pakistan was built by the Chinese and Pakistani armies, and is still today a very important trade axis, between the two countries. Karakorum is the second highest paved road in the world! Perfect for a 4 x 4 circuit.

4 x 4 in China

Completed in 1978 after more than 20 years of work, she is one of the routes of the Silk Road where many travelers face altitude, winding roads and freshness!

The first kilometers made for joining mountains are easily accessible. On arrival at the mountain roads, the road is much more complicated. Parts paved and earthy slopes follow each other during a few kilometres where rolling gently is the most reasonable, but this does not take the beauty of the landscape. First of all, red as a result of extremely iron-rich soil, he became grizzled with altitude up to reach the whitish heights.

Once arrived on the plateau road is much better and you can even see the sand dunes out of nowhere. It's on these plateaus that inhabit the Kyrgyz people, impossible that you miss them, they carry a very amazing Hat!

The famous Lake Karakul is located at 3600 meters above sea level. This turquoise expanse nestled between the snow-capped reflecting in its wise and surrounded by waters of many pastures sheltering Kyrgyz yurts, is one of the many wonders not to be missed!

road trip 4 x 4

The Karakorum road has a multitude of peaks and breathtaking glaciers and has what grant each intrepid adventurer who has rubbed some cold sweats! But the breathtaking views on the surrounding hills and the riches it hosts let you fabulous memories.

The road winds through an impressive diversity of landscapes, in a pure and fresh climate. Reddish cliffs to the snowy peaks of the Plains stony rivers charming bluish besides the yaks and camels, the Karakorum road is worthy of a movie set!

4 x 4 circuit

This legendary route is one of the most exciting in the world for a road trip full of memories 4 x 4!

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