Road trips with a camper van

Enjoy relaxation and solitude while seeing the sights !

Choosing to take an adventure RV trip is a fantastic way to travel at your own relaxed pace while seeing all the awesome sights of your destination. If you want more of an adventure camp experience, rather than being confined to a hotel room, then our trips are exactly what you’re looking for. We currently offer travel camper trips to more than a dozen destinations across Europe, and beyond. These countries include Russia, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Iceland, and Croatia. We even offer island getaways to Sardinia, Corsica, and the Canary Islands. Traveling through any of these countries with a camper van or RV provides a unique way to immerse in the local culture, yet leaves you the option to steal away for a little peace and quiet.

Planet Ride strives to accommodate all interests with our trip offerings. Whether you want a short or long holiday, hot or cold weather, more or less adventure, we have a trip for you! From visiting the viking museum in Norway to exploring ancient Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey, there is sure to be a destination that fits your every travel need. Our adventure RV trips last anywhere from eight days to 35 days, and many can be customized to meet your timeframe. We offer a few different types of adventure RV vehicles as well, from VW vans to larger motorhomes. Some itineraries even allow you to bring your own travel camper!

We work with expert local guides to offer only the best itineraries and experiences. These guides have a deep passion for travel in general, and especially for motorhome travels. They are experts on the local customs, culture, cuisine, and traffic laws. You can also rely on them for roadside assistance and any mechanical help you might require. Should you want even more freedom to explore, some trips are offered without a guide, leaving you to complete the itinerary on your own.

Imagine 14 days cruising the southern coast of Spain in a Volkswagen California Beach model. Your adventure camp trip is made all the easier and enjoyable since this travel camper is outfitted with an outdoor kitchen kit, cooler, and solar shower. Starting in Malaga, you’ll explore the whole of Andalusia. Destinations include national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Picasso museum, the famed Alhambra palace with its intricate and ornate architecture, and so much more. You can wander the alleyways of Seville for delicious traditional tapas or cook up your own dinner along the beautiful beaches of El Palmar. This trip offers a fantastic variety of sights and is sure to please nearly every type of traveler.

A 27-day trek across eastern Europe and Russia is the perfect trip for someone seeking a long-term holiday. Your motorhome travels will start in Berlin, Germany and span some 4,000 kilometers across Poland, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Along the way, you will camp in the countryside, explore the monuments of the Soviet Union, take a guided tour of Moscow’s Red Square, and explore both cityscapes and countryside across the Baltic states.

One of our shortest options is an 8-day adventure camp itinerary on Corsica. You will spend an entire week marveling at turquoise waters and relaxing in 4-star campgrounds. Gorgeous views, delicious food, and quiet campsites abound. Other activities include seaside hikes, exploring ancient Greek ruins, and visiting the Scandola Nature Reserve which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.