From the Californian coast to Florida to the National parks and the famous 66 road, your next stay USA is among these 5 nuggets! The United States is a destination that makes it dream more than one with its paradise coasts, its living cities day and night and its wild landscapes. We can only find his happiness!

1/The Charm of Florida

If you dream of going to the USA and driving in convertible under the American sun and palm trees, this USA stay will fill you! Florida is the ideal state to live the USA road trip thoroughly. During these 9 days of adventure, you travel 1000 km of road in total freedom starting from Miami.
But next to these palm trees and this lively city around the clock, Florida has a lot of surprises… Aboard your Ford Mustang convertible, you will discover another facet of this state, away from the Starss and glitter. It is full of singular landscapes, including the Everglades Park, with exceptional flora and fauna! During your stay in the USA, you will cross bridges including some roads on stilts to admire countless small islands with tropical décor. Its swamps with a rustic panorama hide remarkable wildlife. You will discover the Key West, a tiny island paradise where you can contemplate a turquoise sea accompanied by a sky with pale colors.

Activities will be offered: Canoe ride on the island of Sanibel located in the city of Naples, hikes or if you prefer, relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. And to enjoy this road trip USA, you will visit one of the most beautiful cities of Florida in a Latin American atmosphere: Palm Beach. On the program, visit the city and its Spanish architecture, sun, sea and tanning session on the beach for those who wish! A mix between wild excursion and displacement on the Atlantic coast of the United States, rather cool Nan?

2/To the conquest of the Great North in Alaska

For fans of the two-wheeler, Planet Ride thinks of you! A road Trip USA is also an opportunity to discover the remote states of the American continent such as Alaska. For this USA stay, you will have the opportunity to explore the far north, but also to visit the northwest its neighboring country, Canada, in Yukon. If you want to live the great adventure in the United States, it's around here!
Along the 3 300 km that await you, you will cross the mythical routes of Alaska such as the Palmer Highway along the Matanuska Glacier and the longest state road, the Richardson Highway. Even if the sensations of ride aboard your Kawasaki KLR 650cc fill you with happiness, you will in any case try to stop to admire this wild fauna and flora.

On your 4th day of road trip USA, you will cross the border with Canada to reach the Yukon territory. Stay alert to the landscape around you. Between mountains, rivers and glaciers, wildlife has many surprises before reaching the Yukon capital, Whitehorse. A day will be devoted to the visit of the city in order to relax by the activities offered: train ride, panoramic flights and delicious moments to share with your group around a good meal in a restaurant of the city. Your USA stay will continue with a return to Alaska aboard your bike. An excursion to the Arctic Circle awaits you for the less cautious! With the program a tour of Pioneer Park and stroll along the river Tanana. A road trip USA in the coolness of the Great North where Grizzlies and caribou are at the rendezvous from July to August!

3/city or national parks? or both?

One is rather city, the other is rather secluded landscapes, we all have our vision of the perfect road trip USA. So why not mix the two? Planet Ride has also thought of the most mixed! For this 15-day USA stay, you will board a famous Harley Davidson for hire. The adventure will begin in one of the most emblematic cities of California, Los Angeles. This will be an opportunity for you to visit the countless living areas of the city, not to mention a small stopover in Palm Springs. You will go to the Joshua Tree National Park located in the Colorado desert. This mythical park is one of the emblematic of California with its Roy's Café that inspired Hollywood cinema. On the way, you will not miss the Grand Canyon after crossing the 66 road leading to Oatman, this city with the allure of Far West.

Your USA stay will continue in Las Vegas. Don't count on the city to rest quietly after a good ride. Shows, attractions, casinos and illuminations await you day and night! And to finish your road trip USA in Beauty, you will ride on your Harley Davidson on the dry roads of the death Valley for unique sensations of ride, before discovering the treasures of the city of San Francisco!

4/The Californian coast in Ford Mustang

Once the coast is done, direction the West coast of the United States! And for that, 14 days of pure happiness await you to discover the California coast and the Napa Valley. In addition to riding in total freedom aboard a Ford Mustang, you choose your own departure dates for this road trip USA. And if you hesitate on the date, the ideal time to make this USA stay is from March to October.
You won't enjoy your four-wheeled gem right away, but be patient. The visit to the city of San Francisco is more enjoyable on foot and by public transport. Once the tour of the city is over, you will embark in your Ford Mustang convertible to discover the Napa Valley, its magnificent vineyards, windmills and small towns of unprecedented charm. You will visit Petaluma where you can enjoy a variety of activities: strolling through the beaches of Bogeda Bay, hiking in the giant red cedars or discovering the Armstrong Redwood Park. But a Californian road trip is not one without a small surfing session, here planned in Sant Cruz.

Consider taking your camera with you as you will take full view of the sea and the mountains. And for movie and music lovers, your road trip USA will end in Los Angeles, mythical city of California, famous for its film and music industry! And who knows, you might cross Robert Redford….

5/The Mythical road 66

But a road trip USA is not one without rider on the famous road 66. Also called "Mother Road", it's almost 2600 km that await you for a unique ride experience! You embark for 18 days on a Harley Davidson motorcycle for a full-freedom raid. Let yourself be guided by the imperfections of the 66 road and you will find many places where you will be obliged to stop: typical American restaurants, motels, abandoned service stations. Nothing like it to live the American road trip thoroughly!

From Chicago to Los Angeles, through Springfield, Oklahoma City and its famous Cowboys Museum, you will discover the history of the United States, its landscapes with rustic panoramas and its many activities that no longer ends: stroll to the Hollywood Boulevard, Bathe on the pages of Santa Monica or even visit Disneyland and Universal Studio.

Now you just have to choose your next stay in the USA!

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