The Planet Ride Team is pleased to announce the launch of its game contest in partnership with Cosmo connected!

Game PR/CC Contest

In order to reward our growing community, Planet Ride offers you the chance to win the Cosmo connected. The latest innovation for biker connected!

This is a stop lamp that attaches to the back of the helmet and lights up as soon as the bike decelerates. But that's not all! In case of shock, an alert procedure is triggered with the sending of an SMS and a call on the smartphone of the biker … If no response is given and the GPS on the user's smartphone does not signal any movement, a call for help is made automatically by an operator with the medical information about the user.

It is connected to a smartphone application and lights up when the rider idles, making it more visible to other road users since it is at the height of their eyes. In addition the fire stays on all the time, or in the "warning" mode depending on the setting, making the biker visible in all conditions. The device weighs only 150 grams, attaches with a magnetic fastening system and fits on any headphones!

Another feature of the application is to share your trips with your loved ones or your biker buddies, handy when you want to end up for a motorcycle ride!

Cosmo connected

The operation is simple:

1: Share the Moto Planet Ride page ( on your Facebook account and like the contest post of the game
2: Register yourself by visiting
3: A draw will be made to select the winners who have shared and are registered


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