It is this Thursday, May 11, 2017 that clemency and Lisa took to the road for their fabulous journey to the second edition of the Django Adventure. For more than 50 days, they will connect Paris to Casablanca by using their two companions, their Django scooters!

Back on their crazy first week of adventure!

Day 1: Paris – Sologne

The start of their journey took place in the mythical Hall of the Peugeot adventure, avenue of the Grand Army in Paris. A beautiful moment of sharing with the entire team of Peugeot Scooters, the media, their friends, families and the Planet Ride team.

It's at 11, they took the paved roads of the place of the star under the Paris Sun for their first few kilometers to their first step: Sologne.

Their first hours that advertise a great and beautiful coming adventure.

It's a nice surprise waiting for them for their first accommodation! Not least, because it is in a beautiful cabin canvas in the middle of the forest in the trees in the unusual Sologne cottages they have had the chance to spend their first night. A first night a bit agitated by the rain and some Thunder shots, but nothing serious for our two riders :-)!

the unusual deposits of Sologne

Day 2: Sologne-towers

For their second day, the weather found, girls rode their Django for a road-trip on the theme of the story on the beautiful County of the Loire.  But what would a road-trip on Loire without going through one of the most beautiful and mythical Castle of France: the castle of Chambord. Clemency and Lisa, in addition to being a real adventurer are two sparkling and curious girls who took great pleasure to discover in detail the architecture and history of this great and amazing Royal House.

After a rewarding visit again, direction towers! On site, they had the opportunity to meet the April motorcycle team, one of the partners of adventure and thanks to which our two favorite riders can ride safely :-)!  A beautiful moment where could they also take the advice of April bike team for the rest of their adventure.

Once is not custom, after their first experience in forest, Clémence and Lisa did not hesitate to stay now to a few tens of meters from the ground in trees of the gardens of the castle of the Vau.

Meeting with the team April motorcycle
April bike
Meet the team of April motorcycle
Cabin of the castle of Vaux

Day 3: Tours – Poitiers

After will be familiar with their two companions of roads: their scooters Django, this third stage is marked by the beautiful verdant roads of Poitou Charente. This beautiful region that is dear to all passionate riders of beautiful roads.

Arrived in Poitiers, they took the opportunity to make a stop at Django scooter dealer Guy Ploquin lovers, a beautiful new meeting rich in advice for their journey.

Decidedly, clemency and Lisa truly fell in love with their lives perched in the trees. It's a new night in height that awaits in the middle of the beautiful park. Not wanting to leave the site, they will go to hi to the Valley of the monkeys, where the universe of primates have captivated them.

On the road from Bordeaux to the handlebars of the Peugeot Django

Day 4: Poitiers – Cognac

What would be a road-trip in the Cognac region without going through the vineyards, dear to French culture.  Crossing the fields while enjoying the mild climate, they arrived after several beautiful wine landscapes rich kilometres, in the warm setting of the Villa Claude. They were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a tasting of wines from countries alongside their hosts.


Day 5: Cognac – Bordeaux

Direction Bordeaux! It's still nice roads waiting for clemency and Lisa. Through their journey, with their curiosity, they wanted at all costs to know more about the passion that animated the Cognac at many Epicureans of the region. They then explored the Château de Beaulon, where the ancestral know-how of this drink. After enjoying the mastery of this art (without consumption, promised :-)), they departed to the handlebars of their companions in the direction of the beautiful city of Bordeaux. Their arrival was not disappointing and it is in the house edge ' waters hotel, small haven of peace in the heart of Bordeaux that they were warmly welcomed.

Breakfast at the house edge ' waters hotel,.

Day 6: Bordeaux 

Bordeaux is also the city of a pretty special person for the Django Adventure. It is the city of Samuel, one of the adventurers of the first Django Adventure which connected Paris to Saigon. A nice, long and amazing adventure that will remain engraved in his memory and he wanted to share with clemency and Lisa.

An opportunity to share these tips with our two riders.

What would be a passage in Bordeaux without going through one of the most exclusive places in the city! So the teasing direction, one of the most famous cocktail bars in Bordeaux. Cocktail course and laughs are waiting! Besides, girls as the Planet Ride team can only advise by the kindness of Fabrice, Marion and all the bar staff.

Wanting to enjoy the gastronomy of Bordeaux, they then dined at the heart of the historical district of Bordeaux, between St. Michael and Holy Cross to the Tupina. They have tasted a good sanguette!

Before leaving Bordeaux, clemency and Lisa took the opportunity to visit one of the typical vineyards of the region. It is through the start-up Nabuco and his entire team the adventurers had chance to discover the secrets of a good wine. Besides we invite you greatly if you want to go on the most beautiful roads of the wines of France to go visit their website ;-). Thanks to the team of Nabuco they have had the opportunity to visit the magnificent estate of the castle of I mean where the grapes are grown and where the beautiful vineyards are maintained.


The great team of the start up Nabuco


Yes, it is a great adventure that begins on the hats of wheels!

After this first stage rich in discovery and sharing, Cape on the Atlantic!

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