1 / Crossing sandy tracks with two wheels

Who does not dream of riding a motorcycle in a desert under a sunset, worthy of a postcard? This dream that all riders keep in a corner of their heads is well achievable. Namibia is a dream destination for a motorcycle road trip. The desert is the very identity of this country. From the Kalahari Desert to the Namib Desert, you will experience the desert every moment during your trip to Africa! You will experience unique ride sensations on dry rivers that have given way to sandy paths. Once en route, you can only admire this desert panorama with orange dunes!

An ideal destination for lovers of motorcycle road trip and photography where you can make some shots along the way. You will have the opportunity to observe the animals of the reserve of Omaruru: giraffes, elephants and panthers are visible. And for the greediest, you will have the opportunity to discover the other facets of this fabulous country with the savannah, volcanic landscapes and dense vegetation. So do not forget your camera!

2 / Roll in KTM for unique sensations

For motorcycle lovers like you, the search for new ride sensations is more than obvious. And for your enjoyment, Madagascar is full of roads adapted only to two-wheelers. The Madagascar Planet Ride motorcycle road trips are designed exclusively for KTM 350 EXC-F enduro motorbikes. Why ? The sensations of ride are unique, which promises a trip to Africa more exciting! This model of vehicle will allow you to adapt to the various tracks of the island: the humidity of roads, sandy paths and some muddy passages. For fans of motorbike thrills, it’s here!

3 / Motorcycle road trips adapted to your desires

Organizing a trip takes time, especially for riders like you. You still have to agree on the destination, the duration, the activities and the type of vehicle that will accompany you for this journey. No doubt, the bike is the favorite! But what about the other criteria to take into account? You will be seduced by motorcycle road trips designed in advance to make your life easier and that’s normal. But an organized trip must always be an experience of our own, to keep in mind wonderful memories. And to get there, Planet Ride offers much more than simple road trips designed day by day. Africa is a continent of a thousand and one facets. So much to discover in countless regions that there will always be preferences … So if you do not find your happiness, organize your motorcycle road trip according to your desires!

For example, if Morocco tempts you, you will have the opportunity on this circuit to select the starting city: Agadir, Marrakech or Casablanca? Free to choose. A route is still proposed for you to discover all the facets of this warm country. You also have the choice to ship with you your own bike or choose the option “vehicle included” and select the dates of this trip to Africa. All you need to do is agree with your loved ones!

4 / Meet the traditional people of Africa

A trip to Africa is above all to adapt to the very different cultures of ours. In Tanzania, one of the most ancestral peoples of the continent, the Maasai people. This community of nomadic pastoralists decided to preserve the traditional way of life of their ancestors to remain in perfect cohesion with the fauna. During a motorcycle road trip in Tanzania, you will have the opportunity to discover this ancestral population in the village of Kitumbeine where you can visit the bomas, traditional huts used as housing. And if you are still unsure, know that this community of breeders and semi-nomadic warriors intentionally open to visitors and welcome you warmly with dances and songs worthy of their ancestral traditions.

5 / Discover the mythical fauna and flora

The African continent is full of climates as varied as each other, making it an area of ​​extraordinary wealth in terms of fauna and flora. In South Africa alone, four climates are present: the Mediterranean, continental, subtropical and tropical and semi-desert climate, which preserves a very dense and diversified fauna. Its relief also plays a great deal with its mountains and coastal plains which become a considerable attraction to accommodate all animal and plant species. As for its terrestrial fauna, there are altogether nearly 150 mammals, more than 800 bird species and 370 species of reptiles including about 100 snakes. On the sea side, South Africa is one of the main destinations to admire marine mammals: white sharks, tortures, dolphins or some species of whales including blue whales and southern whales.
To not miss a thing of this incredible fauna and flora during your trip to Africa, you will find the largest nature and wildlife reserve in the country, the Kruger National Park. On a surface of 20 000 km², you can admire from your vehicle elephants, leopards, caracals or rhinos!

Not bad for a motorcycle road trip no?

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