In the 19th century in the midst of an industrial revolution, going around the world in 11 days was an inconceivable thing. But Jules Verne was able to rise to the challenge, through his character Phileas Fogg. The goal: to go around the world in 80 days. This seems to us to be far too long with new technology and transportation. But then thanks to this new technological age, how long can we cross the globe? By what means and above all, at what price? A world tour in 11 days at a lower cost is possible!

Day 1: London to Paris

Your excursion in 11 days begins in London, direction Paris. You take the tunnel under the channel for €296 and 2:15. Once you arrive at your destination, you will obviously visit the Eiffel Tower and its 300 metres in height. The visit of this symbolic monument of the capital will finish your first day of the tour of the world in 11 days before you rest in a Parisian hotel for the continuation of the trip.

Day 2 Paris at Mont-Cenis

Your journey continues by train to Mount Cenis on the Italian border. For €252, you cross the country in less than 7 hours to reach the sublime Alpine landscapes and visit the Col du Mont-Cenis to the top of 2 081 meters, history to take full view!

Day 2 Mont-Cenis in Turin

But the day is not over, direction Turin in 1:23 only! It is by train that you cross the border for a value of €92. Once there, you will visit the Mole Antonelliana, symbolic Monument of the city. This dome-shaped masonry structure built in the 19th century now houses the National film headquarters.

Day 3 Turin at Brindisi (stopover in Rome)

The exploration of the country of pizza continues on this 3rd day. You will fly aboard an airplane to the south, for a first stop in Rome, its capital. This will be an opportunity for you to see the fabulous Roman columns dating from antiquity. You will finish your journey from the Italian boot to Brindisi for a total of 3:45 and €190.
To finish the day and attack your 4th day of this world tour in 11 days, you will travel for 6.30 am to Suez by plane for €486.50. A great opportunity to take a look at the Suez Canal Museum.

Day 4 Suez in Mumbai (stopover in Abu Dhabi)

When you arrive in Cairo, go to Mumbai after making a first stop in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. For this crossing, Count €225 and 5:15, before you ask and visit the India Gate in Mumbai, a very popular monument since the last British soldiers passed under this door after the independence of India.

Day 5 Mumbai at Calcultta

This day 5 of this world tour in 11 days will give you many surprises since, once you have left the hotel in Mumbai, you will go in direction of Calcutta, capital of the Engale-western state in India. For €184 and a short flight of 2h35, you will have the opportunity to visit the Victoria Memorial, a monument of the most imposing of the British era. Today it is one of the city's most imposing tourist attractions, bringing together a painting museum and several photographic archives dating back to the British Indian Empire.

Day 6 and 7 Calcultta in Singapore

After discovering the different facets of India, your 11-day excursion continues in Singapore by plane for €369. Guests can visit the Raffles Hotel, one of the most popular in the country, just a short walk from the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Take the opportunity to try your luck!

Day 8 Singapore to Hong Kong

Then, towards Hong Kong by plane for a journey from 4h to €250, a case. You will reach the Victoria peak by car, a mountain of 552 metres above sea level consisting mainly of high buildings. To get to the top of the peak, take the funicular is the only way to reach it, so it has become one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong!

Day 9 Hong Kong to Yokohama

Your stopover in Japan ends in the direction of Yokohama for €210 and 3h50 of travel by plane. Impossible for you to continue your tour of the world without going to Yokohama Landmark, one of the city's most popular skyscrapers, 296 meters high.

Day 9 Yokohama in San Francisco

You will leave Asia, direction the United States! It is by the West Coast that you will land after 9:15 in flight and €526 spent to reach San Francisco. The opportunity to add to your excursion in 11 days, the crossing of the most popular bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge and its 2 737 meters distance.

Day 10 San Francisco to New York

On this 10th day, you will cross the American way to New York in only 5h28 and €309 of journey. And then a stay in New York is not one without posing in the grass of Central Park and playing with the squirrels! And if the crowd disturbs you, you will always find your little corner on its 341 hectares of area.

Day 10 and 11 New York to Liverpool (stopover in Dublin)

Once your picnic at Central Park well digested, return to the United Kingdom, to Liverpool for €651 of transportation. You will spend the night on the plane in view of the 9:30 travel. Once you arrive, do not hesitate to visit the first port of unloading of the country, the Albert Dock. Why Liverpool? Well because it was used as a bridge to transport the merchandise to the rest of the British Empire.

Day 11 Liverpool to London

Once you have completed this tour, your journey ends in the direction of your departure point, London for €127. You can rest during the 2:13 am you have left. A well-deserved break before you finish your timed world tour alongside the world's most famous clock, Big Ben!


Your world tour in 11 days ends. In total, you will have spent only 4 198 € to cross 9 countries, 36 010 km, speak 8 languages and create souvenirs all around the globe.


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