Among the countries on the African continent where tourists from all over the world spend their holidays, there is South Africa. With its points of interest, this destination promises beautiful adventures that will not be forgotten easily.

Discovering Durban, one of the most touristic cities in the rainbow nation

If you have not planned a holiday itinerary for your stay in South Africa, why not discover Durban? This city at the same time seaside resort constitutes one of the most appreciated places of the travelers and the inhabitants of the territory. Indeed, the beautiful beaches that border the city invite relaxation and idleness. If you go to South Beach, for example, you will have the opportunity to practice some water sports, including surfing. Are you a fan of this activity? So, know that it is quite possible to slip on the waves of Durban at any time of the year. However, novice surfers are welcome to take classes from a professional instructor to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Robben Island, an island full of history

As soon as you leave the coastal city of Durban, you can continue your trip to South Africa on Robben Island. The latter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located west of Bloubergstrand. It played an important role in the history of the country, as strong men like Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma or Kgalema Motlanthe were taken there to be imprisoned. As a reminder, these facts occurred during apartheid. In addition, when you are on Robben Island, tour guides will give you more details about the conditions in which the inmates lived in prison.

Kruger National Park and its natural riches

After visiting Robben Island, you can end your stay in South Africa with a visit to Kruger National Park. The latter covers an area of ​​almost 20,000 km². It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001. This site is an address of choice to undertake a safari. You have the opportunity to practice this activity with family, couples or friends. To explore this protected area, there is nothing better than cycling although other types of transportation such as 4×4 or horse are also good ways to travel. In addition, during your Kruger expedition, you will surely encounter all kinds of mammals such as black rhinos, big kudu, bush pigs, hippos, buffaloes, impalas, lions, cheetahs, etc. In addition, birds are visible in the park, to mention only larks, francolins, herons …

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