This 21 day trip to Corsica in camper is available from 1 135 €: see the details.

Planet Ride and Pierre-Emmanuel have partnered to offer Camping-car trips throughout Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Aujourd’hi This is Corsica which is in the spotlight for our video focus. Hang on, let’s go for Corsica in camper.

Pierre-Emmanuel, the expert in camping-car travel

“In Corsica, we respect the tradition and sleep at the campsite” explains Pierre-Emmanuel, head of a travel agency which organizes group itineraries in camper in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

The trip to Corsica that we offer

For your next holiday in France, try Corsica in camper or choose among our trips by motorhome in France. Here is the trip to Corsica, click on the link below to see the details of the trip, request a personalized quotation or join the next guaranteed departure in small group.

This 21 day plot costs €1135 per person, click on the watch to see the trip:

Our favorite travel photos in Corsica

Bonifacio: Trip to Corsica in camper with Planet Ride

“8th Voyage with Pierre-Emmanuel!! Very good atmosphere, country visits that one would not do alone “

Henry H.

Trip to Corsica in camper with Planet Ride

“The Baltic countries and Russia then Norway and the North Cape and then the Grand Tour of Morocco with Pierre-Emmanuel of course!! And we left for Corsica. “

Ray G.

Trip to Corsica in camper with Planet Ride

“We were in Austria in June 2015 and we were very pleased with the organization and the accompanists. By the way, little cuckoo to Gilbert and Annick! We had also made Corsica in 2014. “

Daniel S.

Trip to Corsica in camper with Planet Ride

“We have travelled and will be travelling with Pierre-Emmanuel, so conclude yourself…”

John B.

Why go to Corsica in a motorhome?

Pierre-Emmanuel: “The Corsicans are welcoming and so friendly. The scenery is magical. In camper, the island offers you everything you want to see… In return, in Corsica, we sleep at the campsite. The heavy past between the Corsicans and the campers also benefits all those who want to play the game and keep the nature preserved! “

Trip to Corsica in Cmaping-car with Planet Ride

What advice to go on a camping trip in Corsica?

Pierre-Emmanuel: “We still have our little secrets;) because Corsica is a protected territory. We don’t expose everything to everyone except the riders. We leave from Italy where the crews meet all the day before the crossing to Bastia and then the road to Pietracobara. Once the foot in Corsica, we emphasize the culinary heritage with some tastings of good products. Calvi, Cargese, Porto, Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Corte… everything’s going on! During these 21 days of travel, the crew makes stops on all the most interesting sites of Corsica! “

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