1/Why did you choose the United States?

Both of us are very fond of the wide open spaces and the differences that can exist between the cultures of each country. The United States is an inescapable destination, and we were curious to discover this country and its mythical cities, like San Francisco or even Las Vegas. This trip on the 66 road was more than satisfactory in terms of duration, cost and there was a great deal to see!

2/Why did you choose the journey in freedom rather than guided?

We made the choice to go on the 66 road in freedom. Our 14 year old child has gone with us to adventure. We were able to organize and ride at our own pace to enjoy every moment.

3/What was your vehicle model for this road trip USA?

We rode aboard a 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This model of 4×4 is very well equipped, just like its power. However, its strong powerful was not an absolutely necessity, except if you like to go off-piste.

4/The best memory?

Las Vegas is a city to discover absolutely, once in a lifetime. His excesses remain in the image of his reputation. We also keep a very good memory of a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. As for Brice Canyon, its landscapes and its variety of colors have charmed us!
And the 66 road made us vibrate, see even moved…

5/Some anecdotes?

One day we wanted to see 2 sites from a distance of 300 meters from each other. But there were two different schedules in the same city. Our hotel was at such a time and the large area next door was still in daylight time. Not really practical to know what time it was exactly!

6/What do you think of “Made in America”?

During our trip to the United States, we find that there, everything is XXL! The natural panoramas are splendid, the spaces are gigantic and the roads reserve many surprises.
As for food and beverages, let’s not talk about it!

7/What is the next step?

After travelling to Africa, Europe and now the United States, we are now thinking of Asia. We have not yet had the chance to discover this fabulous continent and Thailand arouses our curiosity.

In general, we are really excited to be gone with Planet Ride! This road trip to the United States on the 66 road is a real success. Our American guide was attentive, accessible at any time and very professional. Throughout this journey, we had no shell in terms of logistics (flights, hotel, rental of 4×4). We felt safe from the first to the last day. Satisfied with this experience, we are ready to go back with Planet Ride!

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