I left in September 2014 in Harley Davidson in the USA. Once our itinerary was drawn on the big map of the west, the silhouette of this well-known little dog from the World of comics appeared, so we baptized our road-trip Milou in the USA. We went to four, two couples and rented two Harley Davidson Electra. We rode 27 days without a break by making a 9300 kms loop from Los Angeles.

Laurent Pernelle in RoadTrip Harley motorcycle in the United States

First step: Preparing the Road book

I wanted to organize my trip myself, because I’m like “Persistent snoop”! I prepared my road book (well, four hands with my buddy) which already allowed me to travel six months before leaving. What I missed is maybe an expert who analyzes my road book and says “Be careful, if you go there, don’t miss it, it’s just great and it would be a pity to miss it”.

The Great Western American is a mythical destination and I had already made a small 12 day road trip around the Indian reserves in Arizona. Our ambition this time was to go much further, much further north and much further east. Because if these great Indian reserves are great, it’s not just that and for the roller that I am, I needed some heavy:)

Laurent Pernelle in RoadTrip Harley motorcycle in the United States

Our main milestones were Yosemite-Lake Tahoe-Salt Lake City-Yellowstone-Devil Tower-Mount Rushmore and Custer Park-Rocky Roden Colorado-Frisco-Durango-Monument Valley-arches-Canyonlands-Goosenecks-Kanab-Boulder City-Kingman-Palm Spring-Los Angeles. Rolling is a real drug for me and these great spaces are conducive to rolling, rolling, rolling!

US roads leave you memorable memories

A souvenir of wrinkle still gives me a big emotion it was on the “Trail of the Ancients” that climbs in the Moki Dugway for a distance of 3 miles without asphalt. With a BMW GS, this passage would certainly not remain in memory, but do it with a Harley Davidson Electra, in duet with the full of luggage, I assure you, you will remember! It climbs hard, we do not even distinguish the road and it is impossible to stop. My only fear, beyond the fall, was to stall. Despite the difficulty the emotion transformed this nightmarish road into a good memory.

Note from Planet Ride: To know all about the history of the most mythical routes of the USA, read the article: Route 66: its history.

Laurent Pernelle in RoadTrip Harley motorcycle in the United States

The streets of San Francisco: The adrenaline of the difference

I have an equally memorable memory in San Francisco in 2010. Still in Duet, I attack the inclined streets towards the famous Lombard Street. At the onslaught of the first sloping street at 30% inclination, I am a golf in front of me. At the top, the dish to stop at the stop is so small that I found myself obliged to stay in the slope. And there, the body totally bent forward, the two brakes blocked, my motorcycle, glides down the slope back. I do not make you a drawing, I had an incredible fear that I only knew to express by screaming to woman “come down! Jump off the bike! I can’t hold it anymore, we’re going to do 200 meters of slipping and shoot the rental bike. ” Finally the car started and I clubbed the clutch like never (I’m ashamed) and I was able to save the furniture and hoist me on the plate at the stop.

Laurent Pernelle in RoadTrip Harley motorcycle in the United States

The bike: A true vector of curiosity

The best road-trip motorcycle is the discovery of landscapes but also and especially those people you meet during your travels. For this, the bike is a true vector of curiosity and gathering.

The next 5 years I planned to do the RN7 old route, but also South Africa, probably some trips in Europe but above all, a dream to achieve above all, the road 40 in Argentina.

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