With a huge territory with five time zones and a multitude of treasures to discover, the USA is one of the favorite playgrounds of road-trip enthusiasts. If many corners of Uncle Sam’s country are worth visiting, it will be difficult to visit them all. For this reason, we have selected the 4 essential places for your road trip in the USA. On your road trip to the USA, you should visit:

The Statue of liberty, an inescapable symbol

Roadtrip USA: Statue of Liberty in New York

Among the many symbols of the United States, the Statue of Liberty remains one of the most well-known. New York, which is no more than the largest city in the United States, evokes the American economic power with its skyscrapers, bridges, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, universities, cultural centres and, above all, the Statue of liberty. Since 1886, it has welcomed visitors to Liberty Island.
Work of Auguste Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty was offered by France in order to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of the independence of the USA. With a height of 92.6 m, it offers a breathtaking view of New York. To start your road trip in the USA, New York City is a more than exceptional starting point.

On the roads of history, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Roadtrip in the USA: Mount Rushmore

After New York, you will have to travel more than 1500 km before arriving in South Dakota to discover the mythical Mount Rushmore. A sacred place for the Amerindians who named Six grandfathers, Mount Rushmore is a return to the source and helps to understand the ins and outs of American history.

RoadTrip USA: Visit of Mount Rushmore--Abraham Lincoln
Mount Rushmore represents the portrait of four presidents who have marked the history of the USA: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Through these four striking figures, Gutzon Borglum traces the first 150 years of the history of the United States.

RoadTrip USA: Mount Rushmore-George Washington

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A visit to Yellowstone National Park, a moment of pure happiness

Roadtrip USA: Yellowstone bison
For your trip to the US, Yellowstone National Park, the first National park in the Americas, is a must! Since 1976, Yellowstone National Park has been listed on the World list of biosphere reserves. Created in 1872, it is most famous for its geysers and its many hot springs. You will discover the Old Faithful whose jet rises to more than 35 m or even the largest geyser in the world, the Steamboat.

Roadtrip USA: Yellowstone National Park
In terms of fauna and flora, the park also has an incomparable wealth. With more than 80% of its area covered by the forest, it houses several endemic species of trees and plants. In addition, several species of birds, mammals, fish and other reptiles find refuge there. Among others, the wolf, the grizzly or the bison.

RoadTrip in the USA: Yellowstone National Park
With more than 500 km of roads, several entrances and campsites for camping, you can make a mini road-trip inside Yellowstone National Park.

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Hollywood, the showcase of the United States

Roadtrip USA: Visiting Hollywood
The seventh art is a world apart and Hollywood is the heart of this universe. Indeed, a road-trip to the USA would be simply incomplete without a detour to Hollywood, the world capital of cinema elsewhere, with its breathtaking natural scenery, its cosmopolitan population and its exceptional climate, this city will constitute the bouquet Perfect final of your car getaway in the states.
You can dive into the heart of making a movie by visiting the many studios or seeing the favourite places of many movie stars. On Mount Lee, with a height of 14 m, the word HOLLYWOOD is recognized all over the world and has inspired many names.

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These four sites in the United States will allow you to discover the most famous facets, but not only. Along the way you will see landscapes as surprising as each other. We wish you a good trip for your road trip to the USA! And if you want to go on a road trip to the USA, here’s what we offer:

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