USA, this mythical country built by its mixed people and on traditions approaching gigantism, is full of mythical and lesser known roads. Open your eyes wide, here is the Planet Ride selection of visuals gleaned from this and there on the web for our 5 most beautiful routes from the USA to Moto.

Doing the USA on motorcycles

For all your travels in the United States, we invite you to discover our motorcycle trips in the USA: Unique, drawn by local experts, motorcycle enthusiasts and inveterate riders. These motorcycle trips to the USA have concocted the best experts to go on the American curves, parcemées of national parks, local curiosities and friendly meetings with the people of the USA.

#1-The mythical Route 66, to make the USA motorcycle

2200 km across the United States

Panorama of the 66 Road, Arizona, USA-Planet Ride Panorama of the 66 Road, Arizona, USA on Moto

Route 66 en moto mythical USA PlanetRideOn the road to the Grand Canyon, Asia Joanna

At the Cadillac Ranch, Texas, on the 66 road At the Cadillac Ranch, Texas, on the 66 road

If you wish to go on a motorcycle trip on the 66 road, Planet Ride has a fixed departure trip, in small group and with a road-book/GPS. This 19-day trip allows you to discover the entire road 66, the Harley Museum, the great national pars. Travel by motorbike on the road 66, do not miss the next departure!

Would you like to read more on the 66 Route?

You want to read more on Route 66: Read the article conscacré to the history of the Route 66: Golden Age, Decline and renewal. Full of fun info, anecdote, videos and songs of the SUA of the years 50, in the motels of the Route 66.

#2-Sunny Highway 1

The Pacific Coast Highway, California

This famous Californian route is 2730 km from Astoria Oregon in San Juan Capistrano, California. A motorcycle trip along Highway 1 allows you to see: Beaches, cliffs, beautiful forests but especially winding roads very pleasant to practice during a trip to the USA on motorbike. We also classify it in the most beautiful coastal roads on the planet.

The Pacific coast of the USA, along the Highway 1On the Pacific coast of the USA, by Raphaël Chang

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Sea elephants along Highway 1-California, USA Sea elephants along Highway 1-California, USA

#3-Glacier National Park Road

The road leading to the sun in Montana

The Going-to-the-Sun road in Montana was finished in 1932. It is a 80 Km road, drawn inside Glacier National Park. The road passes Logan Pass, which is part of the Continental divide, the longest water-sharing line in the USA (from north to south).

USA A moto-Glacier National Park-Planet Ride On the road to Glacier National Park in Montana

On the road you can admire all kinds of landscapes: altitude lakes and their turquoise water from glaciers, to the high winding plains.

A little nudge to travel the few kilometers of this road!

Glacier National Park and its altitude lakes-Planet Ride Glacier National Park and its altitude lakes-Montana-USA

The road can be carried out in both directions. Indeed, the landscape is different depending on the side of the road where one is and worth the detour in both cases. The best time to make a trip on Highway 1 is from June to September.

#4-White Rim Road

Canyonland National Park in Utah

160 km of pure happiness are available to you on the White Rim Trail. Located in the heart of the Canyonland National Park in the USA, this loop offers breathtaking scenery so that it is sometimes difficult to keep your eyes on the road! The ideal time to make the USA a motorcycle on this route of a few days, is from May to October.

The west inland of the White Rim Road-CanyonLand National Park in the USAWhite Rim Road, West entrance – by Rob Lee

The road takes its name White Rim (Belt/white crown) from the clear sand that makes up the path. The path is natural and follows the path of an old plateau eroded by water.

The clear sand that gives its name to the White Rim Road in the USAThe view from the Hardscrabble Hill-by Greg Willis

White Rim Road in Canyon National Park in the USAWhite Rim Road in CanyonLand National Park in the USA-by Greg Willis

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Sunset on the mountains of the Sal, USASunset on the mountains of La Sal, USA-by Greg Willis

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#5-550 Road in Colorado

The One Million Dollar road

The Million Dollar highway (the $1 million road) is 491 km and was created in 1924. She’s going through New Mexico and Colorado. North-South, it is one of only two roads crossing the Colorado in this direction and located west of the Continental divide (east-west watershed).

Highway 550: Million Dollars Highway Colorado, USAThe gorges of Unncompahgre on the 550 road, between Ouray and Silverton-by Ken Lund

River in the gorges, along the 550 road in the USANature has all rights in the heart of Colorado, along the road 550-by Ken Lund

Once in Colorado, the road is a two mountain lanes that you will enjoy driving on motorcycles. Many consider this road, after the road to the Pacific Coast (Hwy 1), as the most beautiful of the United States.

Quiet and peaceful road 550, Colorado, USAQuiet and tranquility along the 550 road in Colorado, USA-by Ken Lund

And you what are your favorite routes to do the USA on motorbike? Have you ever experienced similar experiences? Share your travels on Moto! And if you want to live motorcycle trips in the USA, unique and incredible, we invite you to consult all the travels of our partners specialists Planet Ride

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