From San Francisco to Los Angeles through Santa Barbara, Highway 1 runs along the Pacific coast of the State of California. This is one of the most beautiful roads in the United States, the American dream for riders from all over the world.

Highway 1, a mythical road

California Dream Road is the name of the locals. It measures 882.87 kilometers in length and was created in 1934. This is definitely the most spectacular way to visit California while keeping your eyes riveted on the road. In Mustang or Harley, this road trip offers breathtaking scenery that you won’t see anywhere else. But also, this crossing allows to fully enjoy the entire California coast in all its splendor: Santa Cruz, Monterey (This city is the starting point of many excursions at sea to see whales, orcs, dolphins and lions of SEA), Carmel, Big Sur, San Simeon to the famous City of Angels.

Planet Ride Ride Highway 1

The view of the Pacific Ocean is superb and the surrounding nature bluffing: mountains, forests, plains, cliffs and waterfalls that throw themselves directly into the ocean. For the Apprentice photographers, the light is incredible. Highway 1 has different names depending on the area it crosses: Pacific Coast Highway, California State Route 1 or even State Route 1 Cabrillo Highway. Don’t get me wrong! Moreover, if you with a breakdown, this road makes it possible to go quickly in a city for a repair. So no more hesitation, follow the footsteps of Simon de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre who have borrowed it themselves during their travels.

Planet Ride Ride Highway 1

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Unmissable stops on Highway 1

Here are 4 stops not to miss during your road trip, the 4 beads that participated in the construction of the myth…

17 Miles

The 17-Mile-Drive is a scenic road that crosses one of California’s richest neighborhoods. That is not a little saying. It takes 2 hours to make the tour by including a few stops in the most beautiful spots it offers (Seal Rock, Cypress Point and Lone Cypress). It’s a private road, open from sunrise to sunset. The cost to borrow it is approximately $10 per vehicle and you can access it via the Highway 1 gate.

McWay Falls

Walk on a small treed path to the top of the cliff where you discover the waterfall. The magic of the counter between fresh water and salt water. The waterfall falling on a very nice beach. A captivating spectacle.

Planet Ride Ride Highway 1

Pffeifer Beach

Certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, not to be missed under any circumstances! It is advisable to go there very early in the morning or for the sunset in order to avoid the crowd and enjoy the red and orange lights of the sky that will amaze you.

Bixby Bridge

The construction of this concrete bridge ended in 1932 for the modest sum of $200 000. It is one of the most admired in the world. It rises to 79 meters above the canyon. Its architecture and location will give you the opportunity to make incredible photographs, before crossing it at a brisk pace… That’s America!

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What is the ideal time to take Highway 1?

Between May and September, it is the most beautiful period. But beware, there is often a thick fog in the early morning and evening, so it is better to take the road in the afternoon to make the most of this postcard landscape with optimum visibility to drive.

-Charlotte Maillard for Planet Ride

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