Motorcycle travel is a true vector of curiosity and encounters with the local population. So if you are a motorcycle licence holder, allow yourself this exciting travel mode! In the programme of our list of discoveries and travel to motorcycles in Europe, we honor motorcycle trips in Italy, Portugal, France and the Alps.

Why a motorcycle trip to Europe?

The passion of the trip and the desire for a new experience of globe-trotting push the riders to opt for a motorcycle trip. When you have already travelled by yourself, by public transport or on foot, you dream of travelling in a different way, more autonomous and that allows you to go further, beyond the routes routed.

A motorcycle trip to Europe is to be allowed to be carried by a wind of freedom. Put on your helmet, kick the bike and make zoom the engine, you are ready to swallow the kilometers until the next step!

Motorcycle trip to Europe with Planet Ride

Preparing your motorcycle trip in Europe

Preparing your motorcycle trip in Europe requires special attention. To get the most out of your motorcycle trip, you will need good advice to prepare your road book for your travel desires, with the best routes and steps. The quality of the roads and your itinerary will make all the difference and make your bike trip to Europe memorable. Also think about technical constraints and carry some tools in case of problems with the bike.

Bike trip to Europe: the curves of Italy

Europe on the bike: accessible and varied

Europe is a blessed bread for the discovery of landscapes of great beauty and the quality of the roads! The advantage of Europe is the proximity of ‘ rolling ‘ countries and the opening of borders. The Schengen area allows free movement without having to get a few papers and visas. An identity card and a European insurance will suffice. In addition, European destinations are accessible from France with your own motorcycle and your motorcycle driving licence.

Europe is affordable at lower cost, we don’t always have the time or the means to afford a motorcycle trip to the end of the world. Europe is rich in landscapes, discoveries and sensations. Also, after having tasted it, you will not have enough of one trip to motorcycle in Europe to satisfy your addiction to the road-trips. Portugal, Italy, Greece, LÍrlande, the list is long and the possibilities of travel are unlimited. Planet Ride offers itineraries and bike tours created by local and francophone experts.

Motorcycle trips in Europe with Planet Ride

Italy on motorbike: discovering Sardinia and Tuscany

Tuscany on motorcycles

Motorcycle trip in Europe, itinerary in Tuscany Planet Ride

Travelling on motorbikes in Italy is a great way to discover beautiful roads and paths: Italy is a must. Are you a bit of a field mood? You want action while enjoying the Dolce Vita? Opt for a stay in Moto Enduro in the heart of Tuscany. Go on the roads and small roads of the region to discover the valley of Siena and the Arno. You ride on adventurous slopes between olive groves, forests and vineyards, in the onslaught of Tuscan hills and villages. We recommend that you radiate around the village of Gayole di Chianti, where you can settle in a guest house. Go to the promontory of Vagliagli to observe Siena, visit Starda, an authentic medieval village.

Drive on stony slopes, bordered by greenery towards Rapolano, a famous spa town. You bathe in its baths with a view of the hills. Your trip to Moto Enduro in Italy continues through sessions of ride through the vineyards and hills of Radda in Chianti, from which you see Florence.  A motorcycle trip to Tuscany is accompanied by the culinary delights of the region. Taste the prosciutto Tascano, the local raw ham, accompanied by a glass of Chianti Classico a famous Italian red wine. 


Sardinia on motorbike

Motorcycle trip to Europe, itinerary to Sardinia Planet Ride

Sardinia also has a pool of sublime roads for the road bike. You go on roads on the hillside, with the sea down. Leave from Oblia and drive your bike to Castelsardo, a perched town on the rocks. The coastal roads follow each other to Stintino and its beaches lined with turquoise water.

During a motorcycle trip to Sardinia, we advise you to discover the Grotta di Nettuno, an underwater cave accessible by small steep steps, descending against the cliff towards the sea. Also drive towards Tharros and visit its ruins. You enjoy the calm and Mediterranean ambience of the island, a charming trip assured.

Portugal on motorbike: At the onslaught of the Southern roads

Motorcycle trip to Europe, itinerary to Portugal Planet Ride

Portugal is a country that lends itself particularly well to motorcycle travel. We remind you of the reasons in our previous article why you have to travel to Portugal on motorcycles. The roads, in good condition, go south and give you easy access to the ancient villages as well as to the beautiful beaches. From Lisbon you go to Évora, a city that is more than two millennia old. After Evora, head south on the winding roads with generous curves giving you a fun and energetic ride.

Portimão is a great step to enjoy the beach between two long stages of ride. You win the extreme south, the Algarve region and its magnificent landscapes of turquoise water and rocks. You drive all the way to the end of the Tróia Peninsula. A motorcycle trip to Portugal takes you between the ocean and the Serra Arrébia Mountains.

France on Moto: for a discovery of the most beautiful French roads

Motorcycle trip in Europe, itinerary in France Planet Ride

There is no need to go very far to experience a trip with an unwanted motorcycle. France and its southern roads offer a wonderful playground for the road bike. Our coup de coeur, a journey descending from Tours to Avignon to discover a plethora of villages classified “most beautiful village of France”. This itinerary makes you discover the castles of the Loire in Moto. You go down to Sarlat, Haut-Place du Périgord. Visit the surroundings on Moto, like the village of Piece-Gageac on the banks of the Dordogne. The road continues in Midi-Pyrénées.

You drive through the French countryside to join strings on Sky nestled on its promontory and Sublime in the early morning, surrounded by fog. Your trip to Moto in France makes you discover the valley of the Aveyron and the Vère. For a pure moment of pleasure, drive through the National Park of the Cevennes. We recommend a stop at Labeaume, at the gates of the Ardèche gorges. The itinerary makes you cross the gorges to discover the Pont du Gard before arriving in Avignon.

The Alps on motorcycles for a turn-off!

Motorcycle trip in Europe, itinerary in the Alps Planet Ride

If you like the road and the mountain, this itinerary is for you. The road makes you travel the Alps via France, Italy, Austria and Germany. You ride on winding roads between steep mountain passes such as the Stelvio Pass in Italy or the Furka in Switzerland. You ride beautiful mountain roads like the Grossglocikner Strasse in Austria. Explore the lakes of Italy and take a tour of the beautiful Lake Como. A motorcycle trip to Europe on beautiful Alpine roads, in search of tranquility, nature and turns.


Opting for a motorcycle trip in Europe allows you to go far enough to get out of the country, without ruining yourself. You enjoy the beautiful roads of Europe accessible and perfectly mapped. You ride freely and have the possibility to modulate as you like your trip. A motorcycle trip to Europe is a great idea to ride long days, rich in discoveries.

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