Hi all, me it’s Ben and I have 33ans. Usually until auboutiste and passionate, following an economic redundancy quite violent in 2016 I decided to trade my guitar for a motor and two wheels. Then something happened that I no longer imagined: my heart to beat has started again. Without really realizing it, the bike had just taken possession of my future to take me through the unique sensations that cannot be found in any other environment. One thing I am convinced of is that there is no need to fly 15000km to see landscapes that leave you filled with humility. Indeed, there are still people who ignore it but our France is devilishly beautiful. We have the sea, the mountain, the passes, the rain, the snow and I pass. So neither one nor two, I unfold a map of the hexagon and I trace the path of my Tour de France in Mash 400cc.

Many bikers will say that a single cylinder of such a small size to make a big roadtrip it is not really the proper vehicle but I am convinced of one thing: it is not the bike that makes the pilot but the driver who makes the bike. All this sounded like a personal challenge to my humble level so I was very excited about the idea of giving the first boost. Since it would be too long to tell the three weeks of trip I decided to select the five places that made me the most capsized (in chronological order of the trip).

  1. The lake of Paladru in Charavines

To reach the lake of Paladru you will have to travel beautiful little country roads. Surrounded by fields gilded by wheat, I still remember the engine noises of agricultural machinery and their dust that came to meet with my helmet. Once you arrive at the lake I advise you to do the tour like this for fun, if the weather is at the rendezvous: magical landscapes guaranteed. In places the water is as turquoise as in the Caribbean and it is bluffing. Plan a picnic and take the time to stop by the edge for a while, it’s definitely worth it.

  1. The Vosges in the early morning

Known to many riders the Col de la Schlucht is a great classic to do. In ascending you will have the pleasure of discovering the landscapes of the sweet Alsace. His big, huge fir trees gave me a feeling of vertigo, like something endless that was trying to touch the sky while I was struggling to keep my eyes on the road. I have never set foot in Canada but in places I have sworn I have already seen some of these landscapes in films. Do not hesitate to get out of the main roads by taking small side paths, the surprises can be large.

  1. The Moors

I just loved the moors. I was on my way to Bordeaux and I did not expect to discover roads as straight and endless at the same time. The divinely blue sky was reflected on the immense oaks and pines that lined these terribly atypical departmentals. A piece of road with two Harley Davidsons made me realize that here we drive at 70km/h and we take the time to admire the horizons worthy of a film by Terrence Malick. Guaranteed immersion.

  1. The col Elhursaro (Pyrenees/Spanish border)

For this stage I was fortunate to be guided by a really nice guy. Loïc Chetout is a professional cyclist who knows his region well. Armed with his old BMW he took me to climb the col Elhursaro in the Pyrenees. The very milky time had initially worried us but during the ascent we had the surprise to find ourselves in an incredible atmosphere: thick white clouds that prevented us from seeing fifteen meters, sheep, goats and horses in freedom. We were suddenly plunged into a quasi-apocalyptic setting or nature would have taken over the human being. I had a desire to plant my tent and stay there alone and in peace away from the urban savagery in an indefinite way.

  1. The pond of Soulcem (Pyrenees)

After a very nice step in Lourdes, I ride my machine towards the pond of Soulcem. I was very careful to look for a lake/pond that I could access by motorbike by being closest to the water. The road was long and the roads strewn with pitfalls but I trépignais to see what this water point could offer me. A few kilometers from the arrival the wind blew in gusts of more and stronger and the narrow turns impressed me. I had to stay in control and finally reach my goal. After a few frights (but what a wind!), I put myself in neutral, I spread my crutch and I finally had the happiness to deserve the view that was offered to me. I have not met anyone. A simple empty tent planted at the edge of the water that threatened to fly away as the only sign of human presence. Sitting on a rock and filled with humility, I stayed for several hours to contemplate this blue horizon absorbed by gigantic mountains that forced me to reflect on the meaning of my life. By far, the most beautiful moment of my roadtrip.

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