The customization of its two-wheeled vehicle is increasingly widespread and aims to obtain the most personalized vehicle possible. Motorcycles then become real works of art unique and appreciated by the general public. The bike gradually becomes an object of art to detach itself from its industrial side. This fashion was born now several decades ago in England through the concept of coffee-racer. In the years 60, biker groups left for motorcycle trips and drove coffee and coffee in British territory with their bikes that they had redesigned according to their tastes by changing the physical and technical aspect of the vehicle. These riders were shopping in the neighborhoods around the cafes to show the power and beauty of their motorcycle collection. Since then, the fashion of motorcycle design has spread throughout the world and is growing more and more today. This custom does not only interest the owners of Moto Collection but also the people who like to travel on motorcycles but also those who are admiring of the beauty and the allure of this two-wheeled vehicle. Designer his motor vehicle has become a real art that arouses the curiosity of many people.

With this customization practice, the rider can then own a vehicle with an undeniable charm resembling his personality and thus show who he really is through the look of his bike. The goal is to no longer resemble the other owners of Moto Collection but rather to take ownership of its own two-wheeler in order to show and reveal its own personality and its tastes in the broad daylight. Each rider can stand out from biker groups with an identical bike thanks to the exclusive design of his bike.

The MOARD, an exhibition designed for motorcycle design

In the course of the year 2019, an exhibition dedicated to the world of motorcycle design will take place in Rome for a first edition. This event will bring together the fans of motorcycles collection as well as the artists for a colorful encounter that puts forward a surprising but innovative mix between creativity and motorcycles. This new art will be promoted through different photo exhibitions but also by workshops of specialized artists in the customization of the Motorcycles collection. The visitors will be able to admire beautiful motorcycles of collection while enjoying an atmosphere under the sign of Italy. The program: lively music, local cuisine, design and two-wheeled vehicle. Enough to make the participants of a Dolce Vita dream in the Italian sun.

What motorcycles can be designer?

The motorcycle design goes through different stages. As a first step, designers will draw on paper their future vehicle according to their preferences and desires. Motorcyclists are generally inspired by a personality they admire to create their dream motorcycle. The artists will then choose the best parts, materials, colors and other characteristics. Their project will see the light of day with a fully personalized vehicle, which will envy other motorcycle fans. Some motorcycles lend themselves more to this game of creativity such as the Royal Enfield, the Indian or the Harley Davidson. These motorcycles of collection are particularly attractive to the most motivated in the field of the motorcycle. Planet Ride offer different circuits aboard these vehicles for a unique and sensational motorcycle trip. So feel free and discover our itineraries with motorcycles collection.

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