A Little history

Do you know where this rather original contraption came from? This combination of motorcycle and car was born in France at the end of the 19th century when a single bicycle was combined with a seat suspended from it. Jean Bertoux, the inventor of this "side seat", lays the patent in 1892. Initially, the passenger was not positioned facing the road, which made the trip to the side as less enjoyable. It is a year after the French inventor rectifies the tire by installing the passenger facing the road, for more fun!


A craft for riders looking for adventure

At the time, the trip in side car was not the primary goal of this type of vehicle. Used mainly by the popular classes, it served in daily life to transport passengers and goods. The side car was the solution for people who could not afford a car. Still today, the side car is intended for families, but not that. If the road trip in side car has become one of the main motivation to purchase, this device remains very popular for athletes, enthusiasts of old vehicles, but also for people with disabilities. In fact, for those who love to ride with reduced mobility, making a trip in side car or any other vehicle proves to be more difficult than expected. But the passion of the ride is much stronger than the go-to-life. This is the case of François Castellazzi, who became a paraplegic after a motorcycle accident. This motorcycle enthusiast has decided to overcome his handicap with pride and to continue to exercise his passion. It is during a road trip in side because specially designed for him, that he finds the sensation of freedom so much sought by the riders.

The side car has character!

To embark on the big adventure and go on a trip in side car, some small details are to be known before making the big leap! Even if the code of the road adapts to the side because in the same way as the motorcycles, this machine does not behave as such. You must have a permit and have a special training in the conduct of this device.
You who are an outstanding adventurer in ride, the side car is your next step in road trip! To enjoy this beautiful toy, to be a regular of the ride and to have driven more than 1000 km is a condition not to neglect to leave serenely on the roads.

For driving, take your notebook and pen:
The side car doesn't really like riding straight. If you accelerate, your gear will tend to pull to the right, while if you brake, you will go to the left. This vehicle lives the road in an awkward but charming way! You will feel as well the bitumen as the potholes on imperfect roads, but so pleasant to cross!

Turn right, he doesn't like it either! If you want to turn right to continue your road trip in side car, you must accelerate, more than when you stabilize the gear! The trick is to steer the frame of the side because to keep it in tension with your left arm stretched. Then you accelerate slightly while aiming the turn. And hop, your trip in side car continues!

To turn left, you simply have to steer in moderation so that your side will not take too much support on the suspension of the basket. The risk being that the vehicle is unbalanced and that the side sees a little too close to the bitumen of the road… To avoid the wrongs on the road of your trip in side car, the whole thing is to keep both hands on the handlebars and you will live the road otherwise!

The ideal vehicle for a motorized road trip

To live the adventure otherwise, the side car is the ideal device. With a lower consumption than a car, it is the perfect vehicle to travel. It allows riders to enjoy the whole landscape with comfort and stability thanks to its 3 wheels, as here. Living the road and enjoying every moment of the trip are the values of each rider in side car, as Hubert, great adventurer of the trip in side because of 10 years around the world. So what are you waiting for on the road trip in side car?

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