1/The Indispensable

Whatever your destination for a motorcycle trip, always think about the most important things. Before you get on your bike, be sure to ship the necessary papers in your jacket:
-Your driver’s license
-Your identity document
-Insurance documents, namely the contract of your insurance, the emergency number and the green card of the insurance of the motorcycle
-Your Vaccination book
-Your blood group card
-a translation of all the documents of your vehicle if you go in raid with your own bike

2/The perfect combination

To enjoy the sensations of driving on a motorcycle trip safely, being well equipped is Rule No. 1. Unlike the 4×4 and the car, the body of a motorcycle will not protect you in case of shock. To avoid direct contact with the road, equip yourself with a complete combination is important: leather jacket, shoes closed with malleolus protection, trousers adapted and coqué, two pairs of gloves reinforced according to the weather and above all, a helmet Homologated, accompanied by a micro-fibre fabric for better cleaning. Note that the hood is a plus if you go on an adventure in a cool destination!

Depending on the destination you choose to go on a motorcycle raid, consider adapting your outfit according to the climate of the area where you are. In case of heavy rains and according to the advice of our local experts, boots can be useful.
During a motorcycle raid, it is better to wear comfortable clothes, the road is long so it is better to be comfortable in his sneakers!

3/A water-resistant backpack

This backpack will surely be your best friend on the road! Specially designed for you, rider, this aerodynamic backpack is water-resistant, enough to keep your personal belongings dry in case of heavy rains. It consists of several compartments, adjustable straps and a solid hull. Whether you are quietly strolling the handlebars of your bike or at high speed on undulating tracks, this backpack will remain perfectly glued to your back and will not move an eyelash during a hectic turn!

4/The Road book

The road book is an indispensable tool for riders who go on a motorcycle trip in complete freedom without a guide. This small road booklet will allow you to follow your itinerary to the letter, to learn about the characteristics of the track and especially its difficulties. For you rider, the road book will be like the compass of Christopher Columbus!
For a free motorcycle raid, the road book is usually included in the price of your Planet ride trip. If you want more safety, our local guides and experts are there to accompany you!

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5/The latest preflight check

The start is approaching, it’s time to check your business and especially your bike! If you are riding your own motorcycle for a motorcycle trip, doing the complete overhaul of your bike is mandatory: tires, oil level, air filter, clutch cable, chain kit, suspensions and carburetor décrassage if you are not yet Injection. Check if your insurance is also valid abroad. If not, Planet Ride offers a 100% road trip insurance!

Also think about some spare parts: brake and clutch lever, air filter, INSERT, chain kit If the storage space allows, removable feet and some light bulbs for your lights.
Do not forget also your toolbox, the best friend of the biker adventurer!

If you prefer to leave your little gem in the warmth, the bike rental is included in many Planet Ride trips. Depending on the motorcycle raid you choose, the assistance of a mechanic or attendant is also offered. So, what are you waiting for?

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