After having travelled the roads of the island of Cuba in 4×4 and on horseback, walked in the Moroccan desert for a week and discovered the Cathar castles on Moto, Gaston and his wife decided to take up the challenge of the fabulous Route 66. In search of new cultures, sensations and wild and captivating landscapes, this passionate couple tells you their journey on the most famous route of the United States, aboard a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Autotour USA

Where does this love of road trip come from?

From here and elsewhere. This taste for adventure has always been there, as for my wife. But the fact of being retired allows me to satisfy more often this passion of discovery.

Why did you choose Route 66?

It’s a mythical and mysterious road! What makes the 66 road rich is above all its history of gold seekers and pioneers. Of course, it’s full of grandiose landscapes! From the state of Illinois to the Grand Canyon, passing through small villages in the Far West semi abandoned style, the 66 road surprises you on every kilometre! And the Harley Davidson motorcycle experience is even crazier!

Road 66 by car

Any anecdotes in particular?

Yes, and not just one! The Planet guide that accompanied us, organized every day visits, interesting meetings and exquisite meals. One evening we were expected, the three of us, in a “hamburger home” bordering the 66 road. A room was reserved for us on the side of the bar. The atmosphere was crazy! The lights and the country music made us dance despite the fatigue of the morning road. We formed a group assembled in this completely crazy universe, a real happiness!

Your best memory? And the worst?

The stage in Las Vegas was undoubtedly the most captivating and strangest excursion at a time. This city overflowing with excess is above all very superficial. It is nonetheless fascinating and spectacular with these gigantic advertisements and its grandiose and luminous monuments!
Japanese food lovers, we were one evening, my wife and I, looking for a Japanese restaurant. We quickly found our happiness on the main avenue of Las Vegas, in a restaurant called “Sake Rock”. And his name says a lot about the ambience that reigns inside! It was very difficult to get along and the dishes were not terrible for the price… Generally speaking, American gastronomy is not one of my favorites. Even if we eat less well than in France, we must not forget that it is an integral part of the charm of the United States!

Rental Harley USA

Tell us about your experience with our partner Planet Ride?

That was great! We felt safe with him. Organized, dedicated and responsible, he strongly contributed to the excellent impression left of this trip on the 66 road.

What was the model of your bikes?

We were riding on Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle. Its power and flexibility allowed us to cross the 66 road in very good conditions. The trip was more than enjoyable!

Did this trip help you find out about yourself?

No doubt, yes. Unfortunately, we are locked in a usual comfort that one does not notice even more… We become negative and we do not appreciate anything. A trip such as the one we had made on the 66 road puts the clocks on time. We discover new cultures and another way of living in a few kinds. I “enjoy” more of the present moment and I live more intensely with the person who shares my passion for living.

The next step?

With my wife, we are still hesitating on a motorcycle tour in Scotland or discovering Lapland or Canada aboard a sled dog… One thing is for sure, the 66 road remains a unique experience that must be lived once in a lifetime. Thank you Planet Ride!

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