If you’re unsure of where to go for your next motorcycle road trip, check out the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime trip: the Western United States. On the program grandiose landscapes and total freedom! Here are the essentials to do when visiting the Western United States.


Monument Valley an ultimate myth:

Monument Valley is the result of a long process of ground movement, it was only a vast plain millions of years ago. It is not classified as a national park because it belongs to the tribe of Navajo Indians but that does not detract from its beauty and its magical atmosphere. Discover the play of light and landscapes of westerns worthy of the great films such as the Fantastic Ride, the Infernal Pursuit or the Massacre of Fort Apache. This is not cinema! The entry into the subject is made as soon as the approach e from the park on route US163, a scenic route that will allow you to take the best photos. It should be noted that the Valley drive which circles Monument Valley is prohibited for bicycles, motorcycles and motorhomes. You must therefore stay on the main road, which also offers you an unforgettable sight.


Yosemite Park a real graduation re for bikers:

It is a compulsory passage if you want to take a road trip in the Western United States.Yosemite Park will not leave you indifferent, cliffs, redwoods, waterfalls and mountains, it is a true paradise for riders. In view of the extent of the park, the ideal is to spend 2 nights there so as not to miss anything. Tunnel View is the perfect place to take your best shot, you can see a panorama over a large part of the valley. Yosemite falls is also a must see, it is three waterfalls located side by side, a must in California. For bikers looking for a big thrill, the Tioga Highway is the highest in California, crossing the Tioga Pass at 9,945 feet above sea level. These 45 kilometers of scenic route offer you impressive viewpoints.


Bryce Canyon, an obligatory stopover:

Next to Yosemite Park, Bryce Canyon Park is very small. But it’s not the size that matters. Indeed, Bryce Canyon is a logical stopover in the extension of the visit of the national parks especially since it is about the gem of utah .Bryce Canyon is in fact a high eroded plateau, forming natural amphitheatres made up of “hoodoos”. No, it is not a war cry from a tribe of Indians but columns resulting from the erosion of layers of rock. It is the ideal playground for all bikers.


Road 66, the ultimate dream of any self-respecting rider:

Road 66 crosses postcard landscapes: oversized cities, large parks, nature reserves, deserts, cactus forests, lakes, mountains in the footsteps of Indians and cowboys to the Pacific Ocean. But how can a road that no longer officially exists since June 27, 1986 still arouse so much curiosity? Nicknamed The Mother Road, it connects eight states and three time zones over a distance of almost 4,000 kilometers. Do you want to go in a group with a professional guide? It’s entirely possible, Planet Ride takes care of everything. You can discover our offers at the bottom of the page.



Death Valley, a desert crossing:

Visiting Death Valley for the first time is not just visiting just any natural site. You have to prepare a minimum for it because we are far from any trace of civilization. Death Valley owes its name to a convoy of pioneers heading west, and to go faster their guide looked for a shortcut. As a result, only one crew got away. You might wonder why visit the hottest, driest, and lowest place in America. Even if at first glance one might think that Death Valley is a desert expanse, the landscapes are very different and the fauna very rich. You can discover in this desert, innumerable natural curiosities like canyons, salt lakes, mountains, sand dunes and of course the perfect roads for a crossing by bike.



Our road trip ideas:

It is true that to prepare your trip, the internet remains a real mine of information but nothing beats the experience of a motorcycle travel specialist to discover all the riches of America from your two-wheeler. Here are some road trip ideas organized by professionals of the destination who will know how to make your dream come true.

If you don’t want to miss a thing, here is the circuit bringing together the must-sees of the American West. In 16 days travel the roads of Pearls of the Great West accompanied by an attentive guide and always full of good advice.

For those who want to live a unique experience why not cross the American West in Harley. Your Harleys will be picked up at the world’s largest Harley Davidson dealership in Phoenix! Between abandoned gas stations, motels, bars, or typical restaurants, experience 100% the atmosphere of the Mother Road.

If you just want to focus on Route 66, check out the Route des wonders of Route 66 by motorbike . Among the legendary routes that have made history, Route 66 is truly unmissable! 

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