The Stelvio Pass is one of a kind. It is the highest road pass of the Italian Alps climbing to 2758 meters above sea level. The road is bordering between Italy and Switzerland. The pass is located north of Bormio, an ancient Roman spa resort today resort of winter sports and mountaineering. The Route du Col connects the Italian province of Bolzano to Valtellina in a sequence of the most spectacular passages. The road has also been unanimous among fans of the British show “Top Gear”, since it has been voted for a long time as the best road in the world.

The most beautiful routes to Moto Col de Stelvio with Planet Ride

For the short story, the road was drawn between 1820 and 1825 by the Austrian Empire in order to connect Lombardy to the rest of Austria. Before the Second World War, the Col route marked the border between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The road covers a difference of 1871 m in total. Since 1825, the road has changed very little.

The most beautiful routes to Moto Col de Stelvio with Planet Ride

The Stelvio pass on Moto: unique driving sensations 

The road is perfectly suited for a ride or a motorcycle trip. Open from June to September the pass of the Stelvio Pass offers about sixty bends in lace. Downhill and uphill the road offers a pleasure of driving and unrivalled sensations. It is a real pleasure for the senses in a spectacular natural setting with a view of the highest peaks of the Italian Alps. Not even scared!

The most beautiful routes to Moto Col de Stelvio with Planet Ride

The road allows you to exploit both the capabilities of your bike, the acceleration to the braking force, and yours. You need to be agile and maneuverable. 48 of the 60 laces placed on the northeast approach of the pass are the most arduous of the road. The roads are very narrow and hairpin turns will require a certain concentration.

On a motorcycle trip to Italy you have so much to discover on this road: small villages plush come Zernez like the Great Lakes region. We offer you to discover this pass, during a motorcycle trip in the Alps. You cross the Italian, Swiss, Austrian Alps and finish your motorcycle trip to Germany. The Stelvio pass on Moto is not to be missed!

And when the riders put it on live, it puts water in our mouth! Thanks to @wodlof for these photos!

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