Wanago is a platform that allows to support the development of a van, a van or a camper with in return the rental vehicle work completed: the first year after the development, people who have contributed to the project can use the vehicle when the owner let him available. Wanago is therefore platform purchase and joint development of van. More info on video: Wanago.

Wanago was created by Mael and Kyle, and allows total freedom (you can go absolutely anywhere with your van), as well as online via an online chat support and full insurance managed by MAIF. The first project since the opening of the site is that of Estelle and Thomas who met the founders of Wanago at a VW Combi rally this summer.

Seduced by the idea of Mael and Kyle, Estelle and Thomas decided to embark on the project and have launched a campaign to raise funds for the development of a Combi! Estelle and Thomas discovered the road-trip in a van this year, carrying the spirit Combi stand on several VW aircooled meetings. In two and a half months, after more than 6,000 kilometers and attended 7 meetings between France, Belgium and Switzerland, they caught the virus of the trip in combi! “Jura, the Swiss, Savoyard and Maritime Alps have offered us the most beautiful points of view for our early morning Awakenings. Slippers and var beaches were the most beautiful spots for our picnics!  Finally, the encounters surprises with deer, rabbits, wading birds, raptors and so on, which have brightened our days. “- Estelle.

Wanago allows them to acquire a Combi to use private in order to continue to travel by road trip! It is a Volkswagen Combi van type T2. Today there are 51 days remaining to complete the project, and the latter is currently 21% funded, but what of landscaping will be done in this suit?

This arrangement combines convenience, comfort and originality! Is a layout tailor-made because thought and decorated with full of originality of mind Combi creations, some comfort with a mattress, a desk and a recharge of electronic devices area, and some practice with several drawers, a folding table, a water supply, gas, a portable shower lights… The campaign will also finance the revision, the mechanical adjustments and electrical installations on the Combi!

Once the project is completed through this campaign, the Combi will be available for rent from May to October 2018 for all those who have participated in the project. This rental will be from Belfort, which will allow you to discover Alsace, Burgundy, Franche-Comté, or the Switzerland, the German Black Forest, the Jura or do the Vosges, and all this in complete freedom!

You have always wanted to go on a road trip in a van but you run out of money to finance your project? Join one of Estelle and Thomas and enjoy their Combi laid out for the 2018 season!

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