Without further ado, here are some original activity ideas for your next winter vacation!

Lapland will make you discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of the far north through an excursion that you will not soon forget. Nowadays, vacationers are more and more fond of original experiences to enhance their vacations, and in winter, their gaze turns to the snowiest regions!

On site, the preferred means of transport after cars remains the snowmobile. This product already has a great past and still has a bright future ahead of it.Make snowmobiling in Lapland it's like riding a motorbike in Italy, it's all about culture. For utility or leisure, this allows everyone to explore impassable roads by car and to offer you its landscapes which have retained all their authenticity. The snowmobile trails are reserved exclusively for snowmobiles and therefore offer you panoramas that you would not have in the car. Here is our selection of top 6 snowmobile tours to do in Lapland.


  1. Discover ice floating, you shouldn't be afraid
  2. Try your hand at ice fishing
  3. Visit an ice hotel or an igloo
  4. See a reindeer race
  5. Meet the real santa claus

Discover ice floating, you shouldn't be afraid There are experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. An extraordinary journey, an exceptional encounter or even a moment of ecstasy. What if you could experience all three of these sensations in one single experience? In any case, this is the promise of ice floating. Explore Finnish Lapland while reconnecting with yourself to fully appreciate and feel the present moment.

The principle is to be in total immersion in a frozen lake with a very special combination. But how does it feel? There you are, weightless, as if you were hovering in space. You feel good on Earth, more connected to the elements in your surroundings than ever before. A feeling of rest takes hold of you. All of your muscles relax, from your fingers to your toes. Your mind lets go. The activity is really accessible to everyone, between friends and family, it has no physical constraints. This activity is generally associated with seeing the Northern Lights.

Try your hand at ice fishing Making an ice hole in a lake and fishing is a fairly popular activity in Lapland. We do not practice ice fishing (also called ice fishing) at all times. When it is too cold like in January and February, the fish are rather sleepy and there is therefore little chance of catching them. In March, on the other hand, it is very common to see a lot of families coming to fish on the lakes with a picnic.

Hole fishing requires only a minimum of knowledge, and you don't need anything else to practice than a frozen lake or sea, knowing that even a thickness of two inches of ice is enough to bear the weight of a human being. Once you've chosen your fishing spot, all you need is a drill rig to make a hole in the ice and some fishing gear to catch your fish, nothing else.You can also find small-group excursions if you want to be accompanied by a professional.

Visit an ice hotel or an igloo Here is an unusual activity that is worth the detour! One can find ice hotels in Lapland. Not everywhere but there are several. You can even sleep there but the night in such a place is often very expensive. If you can't afford a room, you can opt to visit the hotel.

Departing from Levi and Ylläs, you can visit the SnowVillage which is a collection of buildings made of snow and ice. The SnowVillage has a restaurant, hotel rooms, and snow and ice sculptures. Each year, this architectural ensemble is completely rebuilt with fresh snow and ice of the year.You can also visit the famous Ice Hotel for 36 euros per person. In Jukkasjärvi, a small village located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the legendary Icehotel is an artistic project that has lasted for more than two decades. It may be a madness, but a unique madness known around the world, which is a source of inspiration to many.

See a reindeer race Reindeer are everywhere in Lapland and inevitably, they take part in local life. We can therefore attend reindeer races. But beware, we do not find it so easily .Each year at the end of winter, the snow-capped landscapes of Lapland turn into tracks to host incredible reindeer races, cross-country skiing or sledding. If some are organized by locals in the middle of nature, the most famous remains that of Rovaniemi , where Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish jockeys race through the city at breakneck speed. So you have to leave at the right time to be sure of seeing a reindeer race.

Meet the real santa claus There is only one Santa Claus, the true and unique, and he lives in Lapland! Fall back into childhood and meet him to ask him to bring you the gift of your dreams!

You can meet him all year round at Santa Claus Park in Rovaniemi. This is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and have a postcard sent to you with the official Santa Claus stamp. Although very touristy, we recommend this place to families and older children, as well as anyone who wants to experience the Christmas atmosphere! If you prefer a more intimate, less touristy and more magical place, it is in the village of the Elves of Köngäs near Levi, at the Tonttula Elves Hideway, that you have to go! However, check if Santa Claus will be there when you get there!

Are you tempted by snowmobile adventure? Discover our road trips in Lapland, real expeditions to the land of Santa Claus.

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