It is known that when you go on a trip you cannot escape the long list of preparations, whatever the destination. This is all the more true when you are considering going for a road trip or better, a snowmobile Canada raid, because the classic preparations (flights, hotels, catering, activities, luggage…) are added the booking of the vehicle, the prerequisites Regulations for driving, local accommodations and above all, a third of confidence to ensure the smooth running of the trip. So to help you place your next vacation under the sign of success, here’s all you need to know.

Our tips for preparing a snowmobile adventure in Canada

Canada is one of the best destinations for the winter holidays. To explore this grand territory in the cold season, a well-honed preparation is required if you want to avoid misunderstandings and some unpleasant surprises.

What is the formality to enter Canada?

To enter Canadian soil, it is necessary to respect the laws of the country, namely to hold a visa for the majority of foreigners and an electronic travel Authorization (AVE) for nationals of visa-exempt countries (France, Switzerland and Belgium). It is used in particular to discourage unwilling adventurers from trying to enter Canada.

The steps for obtaining the AVE are done exclusively online, filling out the dedicated form, available on different websites. However, it is strongly recommended to use the Canadian government site, which remains the most reliable of all. A fee of $7 CDN will be claimed. Once the form is completed and sent, the answer will be known within minutes or the hour following.

What regulations for driving a snowmobile in Canada?

By choosing a snowmobile Canada stay, it is important to remember that there are rules that all snowmobilers must follow, starting with the possession of a valid driver’s licence. The speed limit at the handlebars is 70 km/h and it goes without saying that wearing a protective helmet is mandatory.

In addition, the pilot must be more than 21 years of age, know the safety instructions and the signposting of the trails, not forgetting the knowledge of the signal code and respect for the environment. Anyone who deviates from these rules is liable to a fine of up to C $1000.

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Which snowmobile circuit to choose?

This is undeniable, the Great north of Canada is an Eldorado for snowmobilers and motor-adventure enthusiasts in general, with over 33 000 kilometers of trails for the Quebec region alone. And given the breadth of the territory, an infinity of snowmobile trails in Canada is conceivable. However, not all trails will suit everyone. Some are aimed at the aces of the handlebars, the most daring, while others cater to less experienced riders. In any case, promises of exciting discoveries, memorable encounters and sensations will be held.

So, to know the most suitable circuit at your level, one solution: seek advice from an agency specializing in winter travel in Canada, such as Planet Ride. Evolving with local guides for which Canadian landscapes are no longer secret, agencies can offer you the best routes to quench your desires and requirements, while ensuring your safety.

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What to put in his suitcase for a snowmobile Canada stay?

When it comes to travel, baggage remains an inevitable subject. However, it is sometimes stressful to prepare them. To remember nothing, we offer you the indispensable and in case of your suitcase for Canada.

What clothes do you prefer for a winter trip to Canada?

No snow-free snowmobile, so that says snowmobile Canada tour necessarily says, travel in the cold. Your luggage must therefore contain everything necessary to brave the season: the clothes “great cold” type coat, sweater, bonnet, socks and mittens are put! With decent clothes that are cold-resistant and keep you warm, nothing will stop you from conquering the great Canadian North during a snowmobile adventure.

Moreover, winter does not always mean humidity. In fact, the cold can dry the skin and the lips. As a result, bring moisturizing cream, sunscreen and lip balm. Also don’t forget the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun on the powder.

Snowmobile Canada Raid

What if I don’t have a great cold garment?

Generally, tour operators and leasing agencies specialising in snowmobile Canada, hire equipment, clothing and accessories designed for gliding sports. Different formulas exist, but the most common is a package consisting of a pair of boots, a safety helmet, large mittens, a parka and a “trousers”.

An additional expense item in the budget, of course. But the advantage is to be able to rely on high quality sports equipment, which combines freedom of movement and comfort without cluttering you with equipment that you only use once a year.

Some useful tips for a snowmobile Canada adventure

Enjoying the Canadian landscape it’s not just snowmobile Canada raids, it’s also the opportunity to go for a seaside getaway, a kayak ride or be tempted by the famous whirlpools. It is therefore essential to take with you waterproof clothes and a swimsuit. That being said, “travel light” remains the words of order to ensure a successful expedition. Focus on soft bags that stack easily in car trunks. Take only what is essential! Tip: High quality synthetic fabric garments are lightweight and easy to wash; They also dry very fast.

Snowmobiling in Canada

What should I expect from a snowmobile Canada raid?

Everyone is considering the snowmobile Canada adventure with ideas full of head. If for some, the expedition is associated with the rendezvous with the unknown, for others, it is the promise to commune with a wild nature and sublimated by the white winter. For others, it is an opportunity to discover differently traditions, a culture and a whole civilization. The most magical perhaps is to get to combine all of these elements.


What if you went to discover Quebec snowmobile and its wide open spaces?

There are various ways to visit Quebec and its surroundings. For the choice of the circuit, tourists can opt for snowmobile circuits from 3 days to more than 10 days for professionals and beginners alike. No matter what route you choose, many circuits in Quebec will take you to fascinating and beautiful places where all the exceptional flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered.

Exceptional places such as the Charlevoix, the Laurentians and the Saguenay fjords are the most acclaimed by adventurers who will have the opportunity to cross small villages, lakes, rivers and mountains while tracing the history and Local traditions throughout their snowmobile Quebec adventure. It is even possible to meet the last trappers and the professionals of the legendary “White Peach”.

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What about cooking in Canada?

Canada’s gastronomy is closely linked to its cosmopolitan historical heritage: it takes on the best of Amerindian, U.S., English and French influences, of course, to make it an authentic culinary art, where the aromas and Fragrances mingle with the colors and tastes of the local produce. From one region to another, dishes served at home and in hostels will never be exactly the same

Specialties in northern Quebec for example, revolve around seafood while along the east Coast you will exalt your taste buds with US footprints. On the Alberta side, it’s the buffalo burgers or the juicy, well-prepared cowboy steaks that are legion. Of course, there are national specialties like maple syrup, berry pies, traditional beer including the very popular Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian, not to mention the Ice wine (wine made from frozen grapes), a true star of Alcoholic beverages. You will understand that there are a multitude of specialties to discover in Canada and snowmobile raids in Canada is one of the best ways to discover them.


Some ideas of itineraries for a trip to Canada in winter

Although the list of snowmobile Canada circuits is endless, there are inevitable circuits when you start a snowmobile stay in Canada, like anywhere else. Here are a few!

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Where to learn about snowmobiling in Canada?

The guides and the experts of the glider feel that snowmobiling adventure, is a relatively easy practice. In no time, a novice in the field will know how to tame his snow scooter. A few kilometers are usually enough to familiarize yourself with the craft. Moreover, before each departure, the professionals give detailed explanations of the operation of the machines and explain in detail the safety instructions. Some even offer a few laps on a training track before going on a snowmobile raid.

For those who do not want to use the skills of the guides, but want to enjoy a snowmobile Canada raid alone, with friends or in groups, it is worth noting that there are several snowmobile clubs in North America. To get in touch with a club or to join, simply ask the provincial or state association.

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What to see in the Charlevoix region by snowmobile?

Large spaces, atypical vegetation, varied landforms…, an Adventure snowmobile Quebec offers a lot of surprises and adrenaline rushes for those who like to spend while having fun. And for a complete fulness, the Charlevoix and the banks of the St. Lawrence River of Wendake, remain the appointments not to be missed.

The kilometers of trails-a good portion of which is adapted to aspiring snowmobilers-allow us to gradually repel the limits and the Skidoo, while discovering a most fascinating natural, historical and cultural heritage. Along the way, the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve or Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and Anse-Saint-Jean promise you encounters and panoramas of rare beauty.

Looking for an extreme snowmobile route? Destination Monts Valin

For a snowmobile sport practice in Canada, the conquest of the Valin Mountains remains by far the most auspicious route. The route leading to the top of this majestic massif offers an excellent balance between ascents, slopes, false dishes and serpentine trails… What to free the pilot warned and the adventurer who sleeps in you!

And it is not to mention the breathtaking landscapes that parade: fjords, frozen streams, verglacés lakes, forests dressed in white, hills and steep mountains… From Montreal to Tadoussac, through the Laurentians, the expedition combines strong sensations and rapture of the eyes.

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Snowmobiles in Canada and the environment

Respect for the environment is one of the requirements of the Canadian government when it comes to snowmobiling. So, before you go on this type of gear, it’s important to know the “Do & Don’t” in terms of environmental respect during a snowmobile Canada getaway.

Do you know the different types of snow scooters?

In all, there are five types of snowmobiles with different models. First, there are basic snowmobiles with a 60 to 70 hp engine. They are easy to master and destined for the trails. Then come the performance snowmobiles. The latter are a little more powerful and have reversed.

Touring snowmobiles are also distinguished. Heavier and larger, these models are destined for the longest distances. They are equipped with an electric starter, a reverse function and a large windshield. Mountain snowmobiles, on the other, are recognized by their very powerful engines and are destined especially for slopes steeped in inclines. Finally, there are the utilitarian models, a little wider and heavier, which serve among other things for the traction of slides or sleds.

Find more details on snowmobiles here!

Environmental management of snowmobiles in Canada

There are many Canadian regions and provinces that prohibit the practice of snowmobiling because of the noise that this type of equipment can cause. For this reason, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established standards for the sound level of snowmobiles in Canada and fines are imposed in the event of a violation of these regulations. In addition, the modification of the exhaust and the installation of a system that is contrary to the sound procedure are prohibited.

Snowmobile Canada

Fortunately, the new models proposed by the manufacturers meet the sound standards of the SAE and on the other hand, agencies that offer snowmobile Canada raids, are committed to preserving the environment by choosing to equip their fleet of Snowmobiles with exclusively new generation snow scooters called “green”, usually 4-strokes, which consume very little fuel, which require less maintenance in harmful lubricant, and are much quieter than snowmobiles Classic.

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The dog sled, to preserve the environment

At Planet Ride, we go further. To minimize the footprint on the environment, we offer combined sled dog/snowmobile circuits. Even if snowmobiles are practical devices that allow long distances to be covered at a constant speed, there is a softer, more respectful way of nature and especially less polluting to take full advantage of the landscapes of Canada and Quebec. And it’s quite natural that we want you to enjoy it!

Travel to Canada in winter

We are committed to providing you with an enriching experience in which all your senses will be invited: Enjoy the unrivalled pleasures of snowmobile driving, explore the natural and cultural riches of a country with heritage Unbelievable and escape to adventure lands without overlooking secular traditions that are worth visiting, such as the breeding of the coupling dogs and the life of musher, their master. You will find quite quickly that by taking the reins of an authentic dog sled, the sensations are new, unsuspected, but inevitably enjoyable.

Now you have all the keys in hand to make your next trip to Canada in winter, or your snowmobile Canada RAID, a moment of incomparable escape…

You also a snowmobile Canada raid tempts you? Our on-site partner is already looking forward to meeting you to spend an unforgettable stay!

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