The days get longer, the temperatures soften, the birds sing … These are the first signs that show the arrival of the beautiful days. This is a period we all look forward to because the summer rhymes with leave. Where will you go to escape this summer? How about leaving for a circuit to conquer the most beautiful places in the world. Planet Ride is here to help you choose the destination of your summer vacation. Whether in Europe, Africa or South America, we offer sensational road trips on motorbikes, 4x4s and buggies. Choose a destination that is out of the ordinary for an extraordinary vacation.



Here is our selection of unusual circuits for the summer of 2019:

1. The island of Madagascar

Situated off the coast of South-East Africa, the island of Madagascar is full of diverse flora that you can observe on the edge of rivers, hills, beaches and tropical forests. Discover this African island riding an enduro bike while driving off the beaten track. This will allow you to experience incredible sensations by furrowing the dirt tracks in an incredible setting. In addition to the sensations, this circuit guarantees you moments of emotions. Meet the Malagasy people who will welcome you in their traditional villages and discover their simple and authentic way of life. This road trip in Madagascar will also give you the opportunity to gain height by climbing the Highlands of Antananarivo where panoramic views of the Malagasy lands are available to you. This circuit in Madagascar is the perfect holiday destination for riders looking for adventure and sensations.

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2. Peru

And if the destination of your summer vacation was located on the American continent? Fly to South America and land on Peruvian soil. It will be an opportunity for you to discover the culture of the country by visiting the remains of Inca communities. Discover the region of Cuzco, a true symbol of the Inca civilization that has managed to preserve this unique atmosphere that makes its charm. Peru is a country where diversity and authenticity meet to the delight of travelers. Whether in 4×4 or riding a Royal Enfield, you have the choice of the vehicle that will accompany you on this road trip to Peru. Climb the Andean plateaux, discover the legendary citadel of Macchu Pichu, explore the Colca Canyon, admire the Pacaya Samira National Park … All these excursions will turn this trip into an unforgettable experience.

3. Mauritania

Mauritania will surprise you with its ethnic diversity between the Maghreb region and Black Africa. As a land of passage, this country of North-West Africa is a real cultural crossroads. Do not lose the North in the Mauritanian desert where the rocky and sandy landscapes succeed each other over the kilometers. Ride through vast natural expanses while uncovering the mysteries hidden in the four corners of Mauritania. This tour promises you a trip back in time to discover the ancestral traditions of the local population. You will feel a sense of freedom during this unique adventure riding your 4×4 in Mauritania.

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4. Montenegro

And if Montenegro was the destination of your holiday this summer? Take a tour of this country and its neighbors riding your motorcycle to conquer the many cultural and historical treasures found there. You will have the opportunity to cross the paths little frequented by tourists, enough to feel almost alone in the world in the heart of the high mountains and the Montenegrin countries. You can not stop being amazed by what nature can offer by exploring national parks such as Durmitor or Boigradska Gora. This region is also full of sumptuous lakes. How about a swim in the middle of an incredible mountain landscape before heading back to the road? Do not hesitate to taste local specialties such as dried ham and cheese for your taste buds.

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5. Morocco

Bridging for a buggy ride in Morocco this summer is the perfect combo for experiencing sensations in an incredible setting and in the sun. The feeling of freedom that comes with a buggy road trip is a dream for all travelers looking for thrills. The incredible beauty of the desert, the vast sandy plains as far as the eye can see, the turquoise sea shining under the rays of the sun … a palette of incredible landscapes are emerging under your eyes. It is more rare to visit Morocco in buggy, this is what makes this circuit an unusual destination for your holidays this summer. From Marrakech, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the immense spectacular landscapes of the Sahara. A moment of escape awaits you. Live this experience out of the ordinary with the guarantee of coming back with unforgettable memories.

6. Kenya

Other holiday destination we recommend, Kenya. This country of East Africa guarantees you a total change of scenery between savannah, the valley of the great rift and mountainous regions. From Nairobi, set off on a 4×4 safari in search of the wonders of Kenya. Browse national parks where you will have the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural place of life. Elephants, wildebeest or even antelope will amaze the little ones like the big pus. You will have the incredible chance to rub the impressive Kilimanjaro which rises to 5896 meters. Because of its height, you will have the impression that this massif pierces the clouds. Lake Jipe is another must for this Kenyan tour. Settle on the shores of the lakes and relax watching the many species of birds. A real moment of calm is offered to you. The south coast of Kenya will reveal you its paradisiac pages. This is an opportunity to scuba dive and observe the treasures of the seabed. An incredible experience awaits you on this safari in Kenya.

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Your decision is made, do you know where to go this summer? Do not hesitate to ask for a quote, we will put you in touch with our specialist partners of each destination. They are there to guide you in choosing the destination of your summer vacation.

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