Today’s Planet Ride interview Sopar and Bruno, a couple of Harley enthusiasts who chose to settle in Thailand and share their passion for the ride by opening a motorcycle travel agency. Bruno has been a biker for years and has lived in Thailand for 10 years. His wife Sopar, is Thai. Welcome to Asia, Welcome to Thailand!

Travel agency in ThailandCan you introduce yourself in a few words?

Your first names: Sopar and Bruno
The proposed country on Planet Ride: Thailand
When did you open your motorcycle travel agency in Harley? In October 2014

Why did you choose to move to Thailand?

For a very simple reason my wife is Thai. I have travelled this country in every way for 10 years, the love of the bike, especially Harley Davidson, and the desire to make discover the real Thailand have led me to open this travel agency on motorbike in Thailand.

Your agency has a peculiarity in front of the other agencies of the territory, Which?

First of all, I am the only tour operator of Harley trips in Thailand. But our real peculiarity is to work with family and to have this double knowledge: local (I am in Thailand for 10 years and my wife is Thai) and I know well the French biker: their expectations, their desires, their type of route. And the most important thing in my travels is that I make the trip all inclusive! The Planet riders arrive, straddle their Harley and ride, visit, enjoy themselves. No additional costs, simple and transparent prices, drinks and meals included… No headaches: We take advantage of real Thailand!

Travel Motorcycle Thailand

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What types of Harley Davidsons do you offer for your travels in Thailand?

Whether you’re on the north or south side of Thailand, the three types of machines are Electra glide, Road King and Softel Heritage. What to discover the real values of the Harley brand and travel in duo comfortably. They are bikes suitable for the ride and the roads a little long. And then… There are not so many Harley’s in Thailand: You will do the effect!

Travel a motorcycle in Thailand with Bruno Planet Ride

For you, what makes a motorcycle trip to Thailand unavoidable?

1-The difference: all inclusive on all trips! Not a euro to add, no surprises.
2-the possibility of taking children at low cost, modulation of tariffs and freedom.

Motorcycle Trip to Thailand: Visit the waterfalls of Punyaban

What is the real difference between a simple trip and a motorcycle trip to Thailand?

In a simple trip you really feel like being framed, on a motorcycle trip as ours you have more the sensation of going on a motorcycle ride with friends!

What is the biggest advantage to making a motorized trip in the country you propose?

The big difference is that to make the same trip in Europe it will take a budget multiplied by two or even three for equal benefit.

Travel Harley Thailand with Planet Ride Hotel


What’s your favorite place?


Motorcycle Trip to Thailand Planet Ride: Bangkok

What’s your best memory of wrinkle?

All my motorcycle rides are my best memories, as long as I ride the bike and I’m with my buddies, I touch Nirvana!

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Travel Motorcycle Harley Thailand with Planet Ride

A word to the future Planet riders?

Come and see us many, you will not regret it. Sarah and Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll!

Want to go on a Harley trip to Thailand?

Sopar and Bruno offer motorcycle trips in Thailand thanks to their experience of the trip, their perfect knowledge of Thailand and their passion for the Harley. Here they are:

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