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Thailand offers an extraordinary look at one of the many distinctive cultures of southeast Asia, and there is no better way to do it than on a motorcycle! The country features a culture that is built on a deep history that dates back for millennia. On top of this amazing culture, the natural beauty of the land is breathtaking, with scenery that includes unending coastline, picturesque beaches, steamy, lush jungle, towering mountains, and much, much more. The country is also rich in wildlife, including the increasingly rare wild tigers and elephants!

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Thailand

Motorcycle tours in Thailand will allow you to become fully immersed in all this country has to offer. The varied geography of the country provides a variety of riding, from adrenaline-pumping carving on twisty mountain rides to casual cruises along the white sand beaches. Southern Thailand is known for its beaches and islands, as well as areas covered by lush rainforest. As you head north, your motorcycle tours Thailand is likely to take you through the capital of Bangkok and the surrounding lowland plains that cover the central areas of the country. Further to the north, along the border with Laos and Myanmar, are high plains, mountains, and the very popular city of Chiang Mai. Further to the east is the agricultural region of Isaan which is still relatively untouched by tourists.

The Thai culture you experience during this journey will be no less exciting than the geography, and will likely pull you further into an obsession with this place! The Thai people throughout your motorbike tours Thailand will typically act very kind towards you and even welcome you to their country. Thousands of years of Thai history have left a multitude of marvelous Buddhist temples and statues for you to visit on your motorcycle adventure. This should already sound like a feast for the senses, but there is a literal feast that is not to be missed! From floating markets and street corner stalls to fancy sit-down restaurants, the Thai people are famed for their cuisine.

Don’t worry; your fun doesn’t have to end with your motorbike tours Thailand; the country offers plenty of other things to do and see. Some options include visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, lounging on beautiful beaches, enjoying a Thai massage, trekking, scuba diving, or even trying Muay Thai (Thai boxing)! This country offers nearly endless adventure, no matter what you might be looking for.

The weather will have a big impact on when you take your Thailand motorcycle tours. While it varies throughout the country, there are three general seasons. From May through October, the southwest monsoon will bring torrential rain to most of the country – not ideal riding weather! October through February will bring cooler, drier air to much of the country, but parts of the south will still receive heavy rain at times. Regardless, this cooler period would be the recommended time for two-wheeled travel. Once February arrives, there will be less rain, but temperatures will be quite warm, reaching as high as 40*C through May!

While it is certainly possible to arrive here by car or motorcycle, you will likely arrive in Thailand by plane. The main international airports are located in Bangkok and Phuket. While several other international airports can be found in Krabi, Chang Mai, Hat Yai, and Ko Samui, they are limited to flights from other nearby Asian countries. No matter where you hail from, you need to be aware of Thailand’s visa requirements! If you are coming from the United States, United Kingdom, or European Union, you may stay up to 30 days without a visa. However, different means of arrival, such as a land border crossing, and different countries of origin will have different rules.

While you’re not likely to get into any trouble, you should remain aware of your surroundings while in Thailand. The most significant issue is traffic accidents, so drive carefully and wear your gear! Beyond that, be on the lookout for the typical tourist scams, pickpockets, etc. While it is rare that a foreigner will be caught up in serious trouble, Thailand has suffered recent political and civil unrest, so be sure to pay attention to travel warnings and keep in touch with your embassy, if needed.

What sets Planet Ride apart from other motorcycle tours in Thailand

Planet Ride offers the most authentic Thailand motorcycle tours, with only the best local guides, and top-notch motorbikes. Our trips cover a range of dates and times to fit your schedule, and for many of our trips you can event select your own custom trip dates and riding partners. We have also worked diligently to select the best local guides, ones that know the roads, the bikes, the people, and the local customs better than anyone else. We try hard to feature trips that will appeal to a variety of riders, and a couple examples are included below.

If you only have a little time, a 7-day trip from Chiang Gai around the Golden Triangle of northern Thailand might be best for you. You’ll have a thrilling ride along backroads and secret routes atop a Royal Enfield. Along the way you’ll be immersed in all aspects of Thai culture – traditional meals, sleepy hamlets, gorgeous temples, lush gardens and rice fields, and more.

If longer Thailand motorcycle tours are what you would prefer, we currently feature several 12 and 13-day options. An example would be a trip around the northeastern Thailand region of Isaan on a Harley Davidson bike. After your arrival in Bangkok, and an afternoon exploring, you’ll set off for Khao Yai National Park, which is renowned for its impressive waterfalls and animal life. Another day is spent in Baan Than Klang learning and interacting with elephants at the Elephant Study Center. As you cruise on, you’ll make stops in Ubon, Nakhon, and Lupburi, all villages steeped in history with impressive ruins, gorgeous waterfalls, and other wonderful sights. Before you return to Bangkok on this motorcycle tours in Thailand, you’ll make a stop in the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which is home to monasteries, reliquary towers, and Sukhothai art.