Recognizable to the sounds of its engine, the Harley Davidson motorcycle is much more than just a motorcycle brand. For the riders loyal to the sign, it makes an integral part of their way of life. Founded in 1903 by Arthur Davidson, William S. Harley and with the help of Ole Evinrude, the first model, the Motor Co, is created in a garage. This passion quickly starts to weep, so that production becomes more and more profitable.
In 1920, Harley Davidson occupied the place of the world’s first motorcycle manufacturer. A Leader in the motorcycle market, the company saw its sales multiplied by 4 during World War II. 80 000 Harley Davidsons are commissioned by the army, which is 60 000 more than the First World War.
Today, Harley Davidson is also great motorcycle events organized all over the world, such as the European Bike Week in Europe or the Daytona Bike week in the United States. Much more than a simple bike, it has become the symbol of a way of life, barouder away from the beaten path in search of adventure.

Thanks to its optimum comfort and authentic character, the Harley Davidson motorcycle is undoubtedly the vehicle for a motorcycle road trip. and to simplify the choice of the destination, Planet Ride has selected for you the best road trips Harley Davidson motorcycle not to miss in 2018!

#1 the cliffs of southern Portugal

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle is renowned for its comfortable seating, which does not take away the sensations of wrinkle that await you on your next motorcycle road trip. It is the perfect vehicle for strolling on roads still unknown to you and to enjoy the panorama that surrounds you. The south of Portugal, for example, is a region of the most pleasant to cross in Harley Davidson. Planet Ride proposes to you to leave 8 days to conquer the Iberian Peninsula and to discover the wild landscapes of the south of the country, in all tranquility. On your motorcycle road trip, you will follow the coast of Portugal where several stops are planned for you to enjoy the scenery. You will also visit the ancient medieval castle of Obidos and the capital, Lisbon. The perfect opportunity to stroll through its colorful alleys where a local population of the most hospitable and generous is residing. On your way you will cross many small local villages and their fishing port, so sardine. Prepare to be blown away by the wild panoramas of Portugal. Between green hills and wild cliffs, it’s a big breath of fresh air waiting for you on this Harley Davidson motorcycle road Trip!

#2 Argentina and Chile in a unique motorcycle road trip

This is a completely different scenery that is offered to you during this motorcycle road trip. And this is not one but indeed two destinations that you are about to discover! Aboard your Harley Davidson motorcycle, the adventure will begin for you in Chile in its capital, Santiago. You will enjoy the beginning of your stay to visit the streets and districts of the city, like Chunchunco and its crossroads of cultures. Your Harley Davidson bike will allow you to reach the city where the joy is at the rendezvous, Valparaiso. You will be more than amazed at the mixture of colors between its green hills and the thousands of colorful houses nestled on them. You will cross the most beautiful national parks of Chile including Llanos de Challe, as well as its white sand beaches and the Atacama desert to enjoy new sensations of ride! An extraordinary spectacle awaits you before crossing the border towards Argentina, a line of volcano serving as a border between Argentina and Bolivia.
Once in Argentina, you will ride in the heart of the country’s most impressive rainforests before taking the famous 40 road. In short, a motorcycle road trip skiff with the rendezvous a multitude of tropical landscapes with magical colors!

#3 the Great south of Madagascar

And the African continent in Harley Davidson, you thought about it? Planet Ride has selected for you the best destination in Africa for a Harley Davidson motorcycle road Trip, Madagascar. This excursion is aimed at both Harley lovers and riders in search of adventure. And for Cause, Madagascar is full of wild and tropical landscapes! You will discover the Tapias forest located in the Malagasy highlands, the Anja National Park and its fabulous lemur Catta, as well as the Horombe desert. The crossing of the small traditional villages and the meeting with local people are part of the program for this motorcycle road trip. You will also visit mythical sites of the country reflecting the liveliness of its streets as the largest market of Antsirabe.
Two scheduled departures are planned in August and September, all for unforgettable memories on Malagasy lands!

#4 Siam and its millennial roads

If the desire to escape with your little gem takes you, Thailand will fill you. This destination is ideal for a total displacement. During this motorcycle road trip, you will ride in the heart of the Khao Yai forest before you reach the Uttaradit region to contemplate the country’s generous vegetation. This excursion will be for you the opportunity to learn the history of Thailand, formerly called Siam. Its craft shops and temples will make you discover a culture where tradition and meditation are the two words of order. This destination also guarantees you a lot of roads, including the 1148 road, for your enjoyment! An appointment in November 2018 not to be missed, in a country full of history!

#5 the Napoleon Road in Harley

It is not one, nor two but three countries that you are about to discover on the handlebars of a Harley Davidson motorcycle! You will start in our beautiful country, France, in the city of Poitiers before joining Grenoble. You will cross the famous rolling Napoleon Road in the Alps. On the way, you will make a stopover in Verdon, then in Grasse before arriving in Monaco for your last night in France. For the sequel, head towards Italy! Take advantage of this excursion to taste good Italian dishes in Genova and Savonna. The Italian coastal landscapes are breathtaking during the period from June to September. And since time is ready, you will have the opportunity to visit Rome for a day to stretch your legs! In addition to riding on Italian roads, you will see the surroundings, including the Borromean Islands during a boat trip. A stopover in Switzerland is planned during your trip to Italy, to discover the Great Lakes that make the country rich.

#6 The mythical Road 66

But a Harley Davidson motorcycle road trip is not one without the crossing of the mythical Route 66 in the United States. It is the inevitable step for any respectable rider! From Chicago, to Los Angeles, it is the whole continent that you are about to cross! You will swallow the agricultural fields along the most famous route of the North American continent. You will discover the wild sights of Missouri before challenging yourself in a 45 ° turn in the Mississippi!
Discovering the road 66 is also discovering its mythical sites. You will not be able to take the delicious American burgers to savor in the retro-style service stations in the state of Oklahoma, the symbol of the 66 road. But that says Road 66, says Far West! Go back to the Old West time for an instant to the Cowboys, Texas!
You will also visit the Indian red Lands of the mainland, New Mexico. Enough to make a few shots of this breathtaking panorama.
If you wish, a visit to the Grand Canyon by helicopter is offered to admire this desert landscape. To finish in beauty, your motorcycle trip on the 66 road will end in Las Vegas then at Los Angelas, to obtain memorable memories in the heart of its two cities that never sleep!

While waiting for your next motorcycle road trip in Harley Davidson, book your Sunday, June 3, 2018 to participate in the Ride Sunday. In addition to walking around the handlebars of your favorite bike, you can take advantage of this event to support a cause that is dear to you. Encouraged by Harley Davidson, Ride Sunday allows riders from around the world to mobilize for any charitable organization in the world for a day. No amount is imposed, the opportunity for you to manifest, for example, for the protection of the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet. Because let’s not forget, discovering new destinations and their natural landscapes are the heart of a motorcycle road trip.

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