Unlike modern, retro-style motorcycles, the Royal Enfield, which is a retro model, will modernize. Conceived in India in the nineteenth century, it has been able to adapt to European standards while keeping its authenticity. Much more than just a bike, the Royal Enfield bike is a way to ride. It is the perfect vehicle for a motorcycle road trip, no matter the destination. For you, amateur of road trip on Moto, here are the best trips in Royal Enfield for unique sensations of ride in breathtaking scenery!

#1 Rajasthan and its historic cities

To ride in Royal Enfield, it is imperative to know your country of origin, India. For this, nothing better than to go there during a road trip to Moto! For 10 days, you will travel through Rajasthan and accumulate 1400 km of raid in 7 days of driving. Departing from Delhi, its capital, you will join Pushkar, a city built in the middle of a sacred lake. At the handlebars of your little gem, you will not fail to admire the majestic landscapes along your itinerary. Between Country road and sandy slopes, this motorcycle road trip guarantees exquisite sensations of wrinkles!
During your journey, this trip to India will prove to you as a real immersion in Indian culture. You will visit many small villages, Jains temples, farms or even national parks such as the Thar desert. This road trip to Rajasthan is the inevitable step to discover the atmosphere in which the Royal Enfield bike was born. For this motorcycle road trip, you take the roads of Rajasthan aboard a Royal Enfield 500cc rental, included in the price of the trip. Dates are available here to go to the great adventure, but you also have the opportunity to choose your own dates of departure. Note that you can start from 2 to 12 people to share this unique experience!

#2 on the Mayan trails to the Altiplano

This is another destination that Planet Ride offers you to travel aboard a Royal Enfield motorcycle, Guatemala. You will go to Central America to cross this wonderful country until you reach the Altiplano, the highest inhabited region in the world. Your journey will begin in the former capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala, Antigua. Especially famous for its colonial architecture, it is home to an open-air museum that you can visit during this motorcycle road trip. On your way you will cross sugarcane fields in the direction of the Mayan villages of the region. You will follow the fabulous Lake Atitlán where a boat tour is planned to contemplate without moderation its tropical panorama and the typical villages that border the lake.
If you are an adventurer, you will not be disappointed with the trip! On the handlebars of your Royal Enfield motorcycle, you will drive towards the villages nestled in the sublime mountains of the Ixil Triangle where you will discover this people and its history. Your stay in the Altiplano will last several days. Via a steep road, you will reach more than 2500 m of altitude to take a full view of the Cachumatanes plateau. Activities will be offered throughout your motorcycle road trip: Visit the Mayan ruins and the Tikal site, bathe in the hot springs at Fuentes Georginas or discover artisanal workshops of typical weaving, ceramics or even fabrication of traditional Guatemalan masks.
This trip to Guatemala is for riders like you as well as for the curious of history and nature lovers!

#3 India in a completely different setting: from Himachal to Ladakh

A second trip to India, much different from the previous one, is offered to you on the handlebars of a Royal Enfield motorcycle. On this motorcycle road trip, you have a wide choice for a fixed-date departure between June and August. But you also have the possibility to choose your own date of departure, according to your availability and your desires.
In the program of this road trip in India, you will discover a completely different facet of the country. For 15 days, you will travel 1400 kms to admire with your own eyes the mythical sights of the country like Ladakh by the valley of Kullu also called the “Valley of the Gods”. You will climb into the high Indian mountains up to 4800 m above sea level to contemplate the incredible panoramas of the La Col de Rachan. And for the bravest, 5300 meters of altitude await you to reach the top of the second highest pass in the world, the Tanglang! You will not miss the sensation of wrinkles on these elevated roads rich in zigzags. The turquoise water of the lake Tso Moriri, the isolated valleys of Ladakh and the Buddhists times will seduce you! A captivating motorcycle road trip for a toughest crossing of India! But hey, with a Royal Enfield, anything is possible!

#4 Excursions on the islands of Bali and Java

And why not Indonesia? This destination is full of hidden treasures, both on Java and in Bali. For 12 days, you will discover Bali, its typical villages, its temples including the Batukaru temple located in the heart of the jungle. Aboard your Royal Enfield bike rental, you will follow the coast to admire this tropical landscape with a paradisiacal allure. You will observe the volcanoes of the island such as Kawah Ijen or Bromo. National parks, green hills and rainforests are on the go for a breath of fresh air!
Stopovers on the island of Java and Menjangan are planned so that you can admire the largest acid lake in the world and the marine creatures present in the turquoise waters. The time of a motorcycle road trip, you will discover the cultural richness of Bali where art, museums and Indonesian heritage occupies a very large place.

#5 ride in Royal Enfield to the Kingdom of Siams

If in addition to being an unconditional fan of Moto Royal Enfield, you are looking for adventure and cultural discoveries, Thailand is made for you. This 12-day motorcycle road trip ensures you a unique stay on the slopes of the ancient Lanna kingdom. On the program, more than 300 temples to discover, the crossing of Doi Inthann National Park and a meeting with the tribes Lahu, Karen and Lisu. At the handlebars of your bike, you will be delighted with the sensations of wrinkles that provide the many curves through which you will pass. After enjoying the panorama that Doi Kong Mu Hill offers at sunset, a day will be devoted to relaxation with: an elephant ride, hiking or swimming in the warm waters of Pai.
You will enjoy this tropical atmosphere to rejuvenate in remote places of the country like Tha Ton where Burmese ethnic groups live. A motorcycle road trip calling for relaxation, discovering a culture and its history, all in a colorful and peaceful setting!

#6 desert roads to the jungle of Sri Lanka

Nepal is the perfect blend of tropical vegetation, desert roads and paradisiacal coastal landscapes. This 12-day trip will allow you to discover Sri Lanka and its fauna and flora as splendid as wild. You will follow the shores of the island aboard a Royal Enfield 350cc through the traditional fishing villages, tropical forests and rice fields. You will meet the elephants in the reserve of Minniriya. This trip to Moto Royal Enfield will be the occasion to discover the heritage of Sri Lanka with the fortress of Sigiriya, Matara and its colonial architecture, not forgetting the typical port of Weligama. Get ready to take a full view along the 1400 kms waiting for you. And who knows, you may be able to admire the dolphins off the peninsula in good morning…

#7 The Hidden Treasures of the Mekong

If you are hesitating between two destinations, why not embark for both? Planet Ride offers a 12-day trip to Moto Royal Enfield to discover two fabulous countries: Thailand and Laos. On the handlebars of this collection bike, you will start the itinerary in Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai to visit the temples of the region including Wat Rong Khun. You will follow the sublime shores of the Mekong River. You will cross the border in the first direction to Laos. Get ready for a unique ride sensation on the many corners that await you. You will discover the hidden treasures like the city of Luang Prabang in the mountains of the country. This motorcycle road trip is the perfect blend of discovery, adventure and immersion in a wilderness. And if you like elephants, a visit to the elephant Conservation Center is planned during your stay!

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