Going for a road trip is synonymous with adventure and escape. It is not necessary to fly to the other side of the world to live a unique experience, the most beautiful discoveries are sometimes closer to us. A few hundred kilometers to go will suffice to have the impression to discover a new universe. The bike will be your best companion to combine pleasure, sensations and discoveries during a trip to Europe. A motorcycle trip will also give you a sense of freedom that will make you forget the daily routine. Let yourself be carried away and live the present moment.

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A continent as old as the world is open to you and will reveal to you all its unacknowledged secrets. Endowed with cultural, natural and historical richness, Europe has not finished to surprise you by the incredible landscapes which border the picturesque roads of the continent. Over the miles, you will be immersed in an authentic atmosphere to conquer the most beautiful regions of this old continent. Planet Ride reveals its selection of the best destinations for a road trip in Europe. The time has come to put on your helmet, start your two-wheelers and hit the kilometers to conquer this wonderful continent.

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1 / Corsica

How about a getaway under the Mediterranean sun? Corsica is famous for being a biker’s paradise. On your motorcycle, you will cross this surprising island where the mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. From Bastia, you will pass by the famous cities of Calvi and Bonifacio. Turn around turn, take pleasure in crisscrossing the steep roads in the Corsican mountains: guaranteed sensations. You will also be charmed by the coast and its maritime landscapes with many shades of blue. Ride along the coastline to the rhythm of the waves that touch the fine sand of the beaches. This adventure on the Island of Beauty will also immerse you in the heart of the Corsican culture.

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2 / Scotland

For a trip in Europe, choose Scotland for a total immersion in a land of unconfessed legends . In the North of the country, you will have the opportunity to discover the Highlands, this wild region where lakes and medieval castles succeed in the middle of the mountains. The lovers of the handlebar will be conquered by the roads with the incredible curves which take place in the middle of landscapes with uneven reliefs. Trace the legend of Nessie the monster of Loch Ness during a stage on the handlebars of your bike. The Cairngorms Nature Park is also a must for a circuit in Scotland. Other places to discover during a tour in Scotland, the Isle of Skye and its fishing villages.

3 / The Canary Islands

This Spanish archipelago of 7 islands is full of many cultural and natural resources. Between dunes, mountains, volcano, sea and picturesque villages, you have not finished being surprised by the wonders hidden in the four corners of the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Few kilometers are enough to feel like changing people. The bike will be your ideal companion for a trip under the Canarian sun. You will discover atypical villages such as Puerto de Mogan and its white facades south of Gran Canaria or Firgas and its fountain street. Gaze at Teide Peak, one of the highest volcanoes in Spain on the island of Tenerife during your motorcycle road trip in Europe.

4 / The Alps

Raise height when you a trip to Europe in the Alps. If you like the road and the mountain, do not hesitate any more, this circuit is made for you. You will have the opportunity to travel the roads of 5 European countries: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. So many countries that can multiply discoveries and sensations. Ride the legendary Alps massif that makes the greatest adventurers dream. From Thonon les Bains, you will make a loop to return to Strasbourg. On the bike of your trail bike, you will climb different passes such as Tre Cime di Laveredo. A panoramic view of the remote villages of the mountains awaits you there. This region is also dotted with lakes, ride around Lake Geneva and Lake Constance. This destination yet close you will discover a new world.

5 / Portugal

Another destination that is particularly worth visiting for a motorcycle road trip in Europe is Portugal. The roads will become a real playground and will take you easily to the south of this beautiful sunny country. Picturesque villages with lively and colorful streets await you. Be curious to meet local people who will talk about its culture and its gastronomy that deserves to be interested. Paradise beaches line the country, enjoy a moment of idleness between two peaks on the Portuguese roads. Discover the regions of Alentejo and Algarve. You can choose a Harley Davidson motorbike to turn this road trip in Europe into an authentic adventure.
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What region are you most interested in for an upcoming road trip in Europe? Discover the circuits that Planet Ride offers for a moment of escape in a rich continent with varied landscapes. Feel free to request a quote to receive more information. See you soon on the roads!

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