Go for a trip to Morocco and discover on motorbike, 4×4 or camping-because the small villages nestled in the foothills of the Atlas, the valley of the Zat or sneak in the souks of Marrakech or the medinas of the imperial cities like Fez. Go through the beaches of the Atlantic and take 4×4 the deserts of Morocco, its oases, ride camel The dunes then sip a mint tea by observing the sunset over the Sahara. Anything is possible on a trip to Morocco, a country will not leave you insensitive.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

A rider on motorbike or 4×4 in Morocco

Morocco is an exciting terrain to ride on a motorcycle or 4×4 trip. It is a succession of varied landscapes, from the arid highlands to the deserts of dunes to the lush and fertile valleys. If you are travelling in a motorhome, the roads are superb and generally well maintained. You can go around Morocco in a motorhome without worries.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

A motorcycle trail trip through the Atlas

A moto Trail you ride in the gorges of the dades and it is a true pleasure trail.  The roads of the gorges are part of the most beautiful roads in the world. You ride on large mountain loops in the High Atlas. You discover a series of beautiful panoramas with a view of the snowy tops. The roads plunge into the gorges reaching sometimes meters of altitude. Continue your motorcycle trip to Morocco and reach only about 50 kilometers from the gorges of the Todra.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

By 4×4 through the dunes of Morocco

During a 4×4 trip to Morocco you drive through the dunes of Merzouga. You are as alone in the world in these great arid spaces but with unique colors. Discover the large open-air copper mine of Bleida, the emerald green of copper oxides dominate the red lands of the desert. Ride the bike at the foot of Mount Mgoun and then join the beautiful palm grove of Skorua. You discover on motorcycles, like in 4×4 the beautiful desert lands. You ride through the volcanic landscapes of Jebel Saghro and have to cross many dry wadis. Finally the North slope of the Atlas offers green landscapes of beautiful plains to the terraced cultures on the side of Demnate. A motorcycle or 4×4 trip to Morocco is also an opportunity to discover the Ksar in the mountains like the Ksar of Ait Ben ha, classified as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

To visit during a trip to Morocco

The sparkling Marrakech

The great imperial cities are inevitable and will dazzle you with their treasures and unique ambiences. During a camping trip in Morocco, take the time to stop for two days in Marrakech. The place Jamaa El Fna is of a unique atmosphere: musicians, snake charmers, henna tattoos… it’s all a lively and sound activity that you discover on this large place. The minaret of the Koutoubia and the gardens of Majorelle rival beauty. The souks of Marrakech, in the old town will plunge you in full Moroccan culture. Small winding alleys where shops, mopeds, travelers, cats and inhabitants jostle. The smells like the colors are striking. Strolling around you will discover beautiful doors and mosques that seem to date from the Thousand and One Nights.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

Essaouira, the city of the artists on the seaside

After spending three days of travel in Marrakech, take the road by car, motorbike or motorhome to drive west. At about 21/2 hours drive or 174 km you reach Essaouira, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the old town surrounded by its wall and stroll through the tortuous streets dating back to the medieval period. Between horns and lively conversations it’s a joyful rhythm that drives you. Stay away from the main axes and go through the maze of shops, restaurateurs and artists ‘ workshops. The city is known worldwide for its artistic activity, not to be missed during a trip to Morocco.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

Beautiful coastal roads

In Essaouira, you are only a few kilometers north of Agadir. A city without great charm but promises a mild climate and a beautiful bay, perfect to rest for a few days. The road to Essaouira is beautiful and would recall almost the US 1 in California. You can take the coastal road by motorbike or by motorhome to reach Casablanca and discover its Medina or farther Rabat, the capital of Morocco, where you can attend various festivals of sacred or African music.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

Fez the Imperial

A visit is required in the Imperial City of Fez. Its old Medina is the main asset of the city. Mazes of alleys, bazaars, small restaurants with tantalizing scents and mosques are intermingled. 150 000 fassis evolve in the alleys of the old town, where travelers stray. Progress to the tanneries area and let yourself be invaded by the smells of fez, between the fumes of skin and dyes.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

To do on a trip to Morocco

A night in a riad! A riad is a traditional Moroccan habitat, a multi-storey villa with an inner courtyard and having no opening on the outside to preserve the freshness. During a trip to Moto Trail in Morocco, you can also opt for a night in a traditional camp in the middle of the desert. Visit a Moroccan Casbah: great historic citadels with steep staircases and alleys.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

A must-go tour in Morocco

Go on a camel’s back on the sand dunes! You are then in the middle of the desert atmosphere and ride in peace a landscape of impressive dunes with ochre colours. For a nice view, go and watch the sunset over the dunes of Merzouga.

Moroccan cuisine

A trip to Morocco is inevitably to be transported by the flavors of the country and its spices. Taste the famous tajines with vegetables and dry reasons, Kefta omelets and the inevitable couscous. Stroll through the medina and taste the Hsoua soups with semolina and pastries with honey, figs or dates like the Kalb El ly. Mint tea is eaten at any time of day, enjoy! Its unique aromas are completely thirst-quenching.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

Useful information to go on holiday in Morocco

In Morocco you can leave for the whole year. It all depends on the motorized activity you want to practice. For a stay in camping-car prefer the period from September to November. In February go on a trek by motorbike or 4×4 in the desert or on the beaches of close in the month of July. The great imperial Cities are ideally located in the spring. Do not hesitate to visit Morocco during the period of Ramadan: you discover a whole part of Moroccan culture and it is quite fascinating to see the alleys empty for calls to prayer.

Travel Planet ride Morocco motorbike 4x4 motorhome

Morocco is an accessible destination in three hours by plane from France. Pay attention to the two hours of time difference, and only one in daylight saving time from August. No visa needed to get to Morocco, only a valid passport. However, you should know that a tourist holiday is limited to 90 days.

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