Couple travel: The destinations you probably wouldn’t have thought of!

To break the routine and revive the complicity within the couple, nothing beats a beautiful escape in love. So where to go and what to do? Here are our best destination ideas for an exceptional couple trip!

Traveling as a couple, a good habit to take

Not easy to escape from the routine, but getting away from it is still easier than you think. It is not necessary to go to the other side of the planet to allow yourself a few days of escape. For example, you can organize a road trip as a lover not far from home for a weekend. You will come out relaxed and more accomplices… If really, your respective schedules do not allow you this kind of getaway, it is not worse. Set yourself a destination, a season, and dates to organize everything and make the big trip as a couple.

Travelling as a couple bike

#1 Puglia in Italy

Just two hours flight from Paris, the Puglia region in the heel of the Italian boot, is ideal for a couple trip, and is illustrated by its 800 km of coastline, its richest cultural heritage, its refined gastronomy and an abundant nature that invites you to discover. From Bari ─ the seaside town with its olive groves and vineyards, but also its beautiful valley of Itria and its funny houses called Trulli ─ in Taranto, “the City between two seas” known for its fortresses, its religious buildings, its caves and its coves Paradisiacal, Puglia has enough to fill the couples keen on history, the Lovers of nature, the followers of Heliotropism, but also the gourmet ends. The ideal being a tour in Vespa Italy, for a trip placed under the sign of adventure…

Italy Puglia region

#2 discovering Thailand as a couple

If you’re looking for the perfect couple trip, Thailand has become an inescapable destination in Asia because of its exotic culture, natural sights and postcard landscapes. Just in Bangkok, the capital, you will have no trouble finding activities as entertaining as rewarding that are savored by two: Night cruise on the waves of Chao Phraya, visit of the klongs for an immersion in the Thailand of yesterday, walks Friendly in TukTuk, tasting of street food, tour of the floating market, not forgetting the tour of majestic temples like Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Finally, do not hesitate to give yourself a little carefree and lazy by taking a day in an authentic luxury Bangkok hotel to taste the pleasures of the spa and the traditional Thai massages…

Thailand as a couple

#3 Safari in South Africa

Even if the destination is a bit distant from the idea that one is usually made of a trip in love, more and more couples opt for a safari South Africa in order to completely jostle the habits.  The idea is to get out of the ordinary then, what could be better than an expedition in distant and totally unknown land? With its diversity of landscapes, between savannas, bushes, green valleys, picturesque beaches and traditional villages, the South African territory allows to combine beautiful discoveries, communion with nature, cultural and historical immersion, Not forgetting the beautiful meetings, whether with the native people, the Penguins of Cape Good Hope or the Big Five of the countless nature reserves… An unforgettable couple trip!

Safari South Africa

#4 Romantic Getaway in the Florida sunshine

Florida in the United States is also a popular place for couple travel. With its many theme parks, Orlando will make the most daring happiness. For the Romantics on the other hand, the best destination is Miami. Dream Beaches (Miami Beach, North Beach, South Beach), vibrant neighborhoods, restaurants and trendy nightclubs, frenzied music…, Miami is a cheerful and colorful cocktail to drink without moderation for couples who like to breathe the sea air to Full lungs and strolling at sunset, to contemplate the ribbon of lights dressing the city. Between outdoor dinners and diving baptisms, Miami offers a way to escape to two, differently. And, with more than 300 hotels, electing the best Miami hotel to make your love cocoon will not be a problem…

Florida couple Travel

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