The team of riders on the Irish Indian Movie

Here is the travel Diary of the first edition of the Indian ride in Irish land accompanied by Nicolas and Jules de Planet ride as well as Hervé Fieujant, a seasoned cameraman. A journey to make the first film of the Indian brand in Ireland with its community.

A road movie that will have left memorable memories to our 11 riders who have gone on the adventure on the world’s longest coastal road in Celtic land.

Day 1: Paris – Cherbourg

First day of the Indian ride, Nico and Jules of Planet ride join the group of riders at the Highway Custom concession of Pontault-Combault. This is the first contact between the riders. A meeting that announces the best for the sequel!

This is how the group leaves from Pontault-Combault in direction of Cherbourg. The opportunity to discover on the way the charming picturesque village of Bayeux. Our group of riders does not go unnoticed, as the Indian attracts the crowds! It is in the afternoon that the group arrives in Cherbourg to embark on the ferry that will bring them to Irish land. However, tying motorcycles is not a small matter and gives way to a few giggles in the holds of the boats!

A beautiful crossing that will allow the opportunity to get acquainted with all the members of the group and to see a sumptuous sunset from the bridge.

Irish Indian Movie-Route de Cherbourg

Day 2: Rosslare Harbour – Cork

Once the channel is crossed and a good night’s sleep, our riders arrive at Rosslore Harbour and land their Indian to begin their Irish adventure. It is in the direction of Cork that they start their first day and their first moment on the longest coastal road in the world!

It is in Tramore, a charming coastal town that the riders stop to taste their first fish and chips and burger from the Indian ride! After arriving in Cork in the late afternoon, they meet Pascal, the partner Planet Ride and guide for the trip who will take over Nico from planet Ride who served as a guide for the beginning of the journey.

First evening in Celtic country with cooked burgers… To “the Irish” (namely that in Ireland “rare” cooking remains a principle that is unknown to them:-)!). What would be a first evening in Ireland without the discovery of its famous Pub! The opportunity for our riders to taste the legendary Guinness (with moderation of course)! A beautiful evening to the rhythm of a group of music playing divinely a few classics of rock!

Irish Indian Movie-Direction Cork

Day 3: Cork – Ballylicky

This is the third day of the Indian Ride! Resumption of the road in the direction of Kinsale! Beautiful and many colorful houses punctuate the edge of the road. A real dip in the Irish décor that leaves the group speechless and admiring. Arriving in Kinsale, they took the opportunity to make a historic stop at the Charles Fort. An opportunity to learn more about the country’s history. A gigantic work built in the years 1600 in order to block the road to the ships wanting to venture into the Bay of Kinsale.

Irish Indian Movie-Charles Fort

It is along the cliffs towards Cape Mizen that our riders have tasted in the first rains of Ireland (yes, it is also part of Irish folklore!). Despite this capricious weather, it was at Mizen Head that our riders decided to stretch their legs. The end of the peninsula. The time to cross the Mizen Bridge that overlooks the cliff to discover the lighthouse which in time was strategic and who even saw the Titanic pass! Today it is replaced by a weather station.

After 2h of lightly rainy road crossing, our riders stopped in their typical B&B to taste some local specialties and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Irish Indian Ride-Cape Mizen

Day 4: Ballylicky – Killarney

On the fourth day of the ride, the group resumed the road on the Irish coastal roads, before joining the famous Ring of Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula. The Ring of Kerry is a circuit more than 180km long, between cliffs, mountains or rugged rocks that overlook the ocean, and plains with shades of green and blue. This tour of Ireland’s most beautiful roads offers stunning panoramic views of the Kerry Mountains and the Irish coast! This is the beautiful island of Valentia Island which then waits for our riders. The opportunity to enjoy an atypical means of transport: the ferry, and to enjoy a break to admire the landscapes.

Irish Indian Movie-Ferry crossing

It’s the discovery of the local fauna that impresses our riders! Sheep, cows and more sheep:-)! According to Nicolas, they would also have seen a Lama. Funny Meeting! A new day that has left stars full of the eyes of our riders both the fishing villages, the plains and their lost lakes are superb and mythical!

Irish Indian Movie-Port of Valentia Island

Day 5: Killarney – Cork

For this fifth day of ride, the Irish climate gives the best of itself with a typical drizzle of this island country. The Indians are still pleasant to drive even in the rain and the good humour of our riders is always at the rendezvous!

So the Dingle Peninsula, its city and its charming fishing port! But what would a stay in Ireland without enjoying a good restaurant “seafood”! Neither one nor two, the group stops at a restaurant in Dingle town to enjoy the delicious dishes offered by the sea and the seasoned Irish sinners! On the menu: squid, shrimp oysters and fish!

Irish Indian Movie-the road to Killarney

This is the end of our ascent of the East Coast! Now back to Cork in the rain, with a smile all the same, our riders are now accustomed to the vagaries of the weather.

But it was another special event that left the group impatient. Michel’s Birthday! One thing that our 11 bikers have kept secret all along in order to book a surprise to the eldest of this group!

Irish Indian Movie-Killarney

Direction one of the most famous pub in Cork to celebrate this event and leave a memorable souvenir to Michel. A moving event that marked the spirit of the whole group!

And our riders had also made it a point of honor not to leave Ireland without tasting the famous Irish coffee which has all left them speechless! He is indeed the honor of his reputation!

Day 6: Cork – Rosslare Harbour

Last day in Ireland for our Indian riders! Pascal the partner and guide to Planet Ride stays in Cork and passes the hand of the Guide to Nico. Direction Rosslare Harbour to take over the ferry and enjoy these last moments together to remind you of the good times on the beautiful roads of Ireland.

Irish Indian Movie-back to Rosslare Harbour

Day 7: Cherbourg – Paris

You have to believe that the rain was missing! Our group took the road back to Paris under water waterspouts! 500 km in the rain yet not so unpleasant so the Indians offer a comfort foolproof (Nico Thanks again the heated handles:-)!).

Irish Indian Movie-back to Pontault Combault

The band finally joins the Highway Custom concession in the evening, where the riders are greeted with pizzas, drinks and a good mood to celebrate the end of the Irish Indian Ride!

More than just motorcycles, the Indians will have offered a true philosophy of ride to the whole group!

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