Florian specializes in motorcycle travel in India. More than that he is a true enthusiast of the Royal Enfield motorcycle and a follower of the walks around the country. He returned from the Spiti Valley in the northern part of India in the Himalayas, where he made a one-week motorcycle trip to the mountains. Find his travel story and find out why India is a real playground for all road and adventure enthusiasts!

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

Why did you choose to move to India? 

I arrived a few years ago in India and the Royal Enfield bike appeared to me as an obvious one. It’s been almost two years since I live in India and I ride every day. India has handed me the motorcycle virus. Here it is one of the most privileged means of transportation and is part of the daily life of the Indians.

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

Does your agency present a peculiarity to other agencies in the territory?

The trips we offer are unique. All our tours are drawn by our passionate guides and experts from the explored regions. We cover the regions of North India, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Nepal and South India. We create motorcycle circuits of character, and it is thanks to the Royal Enfield that the trip is unique. We put forward a logistics set to the millimeter, to allow all travelers to enjoy a voyage of displacement without any logistical concern, and this while adjusting to measure every trip according to the bikers.

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

How did you come up with motorized travel?

I have always enjoyed travelling, living abroad to experience new experiences. I chose India to feel displaced. In India motorcycle exploration is never over. There is always something to discover, and this in a weekend like in two weeks of ride.

In India everything is possible

India is a country particularly suitable for the bike. It is a country in which one can feel particularly free, there is an expression in Hindi that says “Sab Kuch Milega”: Anything is possible! Life in India is both simple and complicated, that’s what makes this country exciting. You can go out in the morning and cross an elephant on the road, there is always a surprise, a meeting that gives you a smile for the day. What I live on a daily basis, I share in my travels. I want to show how fascinating this country is.

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

On which machine do travelers turn?

All the tours we offer are in Royal Enfield. The Royal Enfield is the typical motorcycle of India, loaded with history. The Bullet is a real pride for the country, being originally the motorcycle of the Indian Army, known for its ruggedness and its lightness. Formerly an English company, Royal Enfield is now a 100% Indian brand, whose passion is spread here from generation to generation. From the jungles of Kerala to the Himalayan Mountains, the Royal Enfield is the most suitable bike to discover India in an authentic way. The Bullet, emblematic model of the brand is perfectly adapted to the different types of terrain. It is both solid, passes everywhere and does not need more power or speed.

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

For you, what is the real difference between a simple trip and a motorized trip?

The bike makes 70% of the trip: on motorcycles We enjoy the landscapes, we feel the smells… live the sensations of road. The Royal Enfield bike is a real connecting tool to visit India. The independence of the bike makes it possible to live a privileged journey. You stop or leave when you want!

Motorcycle Trip to India in Royal Enfield Planet Ride

Do you have a favorite place?

One of the most beautiful trips I have made in India was a trip to the Himachal Pradech in northern India. I left for a week in Royal Enfield 500 to attack the valley of Spiti with the ascent of the Col de Kumzun, at 4600m altitude. These areas in northern India are magical. For the duration of the course you are more than 3500m of altitude. You completely forget the everyday! My best memory of ride is when we climbed to the cliff side on a small road bordered by a spectacular emptiness, with at the bottom of the valley, a river that we followed throughout our ascent. You ride with the sun that warms your face and the snowy tops at the bottom… On this winding road a real sensation of freedom invades you!

A word to the future Planet riders?

If you are willing to let yourself captivated by this “Incredible India”, experience unique motorcycle travel experiences, leave me your contact information and let India come to you!

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