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Motorcycle Trips on Royal Enfield to India

Few countries in the world are as diverse and as vibrant as India. Steeped in lively culture, rich history, and unique landscapes, the country carves a lasting impression on every traveler’s heart. The towering snow-capped Himalayas protect the country from the north, while miles and miles of ocean and sea can be witnessed on the other three sides. An array of breathtaking sights truly make India a visual treat for the onlooker. When it comes to exploring the staggering diversity of this enchanting country, there’s nothing like a Motorcycle trip India. The intimate experience of witnessing the picturesque beauty of India, while riding its stunning routes, practically overloads the senses. If you too have a soul passionate for thrilling adventures, Motorcycle Tours India are the way to go.

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Regions to Explore In India

India, being such a large, diverse country, offers riders a myriad of routes, roads, and trails to explore. You can either embrace the rough and rocky terrains of the north with a Himalayan motorcycle tour or casually cruise along the gorgeous beaches.


Peaceful and serene, yet incredibly intense and challenging, the northern areas of the country offer some of the most demanding riding in the country. This region is dotted with some of the most exotic landscapes in the world and you can lose yourself in the captivating beauty of the hills and mountains. You may opt for a journey to the colorful valley of Manali and then head toward Leh, which hosts one of the highest mountain peaks in the world, or a trip to the highest mountain range of the world, Mt. Everest, may even be possible if you are opting for a northern Motorcycle trip India.


Cool drinks, exotic food and a temple circuit highlighting the rich history and architecture of the country will greet you in the south. The road usually covers the rocky ruins of temples in Hampi, Karnataka, and through the length of coastal Kerala, before reaching the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari. Ornate temples, hilltop views, beautiful waterfalls, and many more mesmerizing scenes await on Motorcycle Tours India in the south.


Unlike the rock, ice, and snows of the north, the western reaches of India offer sand-covered roads with large expanses of arid deserts. Riding in the royal territory of Rajasthan, and exploring the opulent palaces and magnificent forts, is another great option if you plan on touring India by motorcycle. Lastly, eastern India is no less beautiful and amazing than the rest of the country. Riding in the hill states of Sikkim and Meghalaya offers an exhilarating experience. One where you will be close to rare plants and animals, and surrounded by nature.


Recommended Travel Times for Motorcycle Tours in India

The best time to explore India depends on the route you want to follow, since the country  has a variety of climates that range from tropical to temperate. For example, late May through early September is a perfect time for a Himalayan Motorcycle tour, owing to the warmer temperatures and less snow, but the months of February and March are still perfectly suited for a tour on the west coast.


Motorcycling in India

India is an endless wonder where every nook and corner is brimming with unpredictable, yet fascinating marvels. You may find an unannounced religious procession splashed with vibrant colors around one turn, then miles of barren trails drenched in the sights and sounds of nature around the next. No other mode of transportation offers a greater interaction with, and deeper connection to, the world around you like a Motorcycle trip India.


Roads in India are neither silky-smooth nor treacherous, but can range anywhere in between. For the most part, roads are in reasonable condition. As you move to lesser populated areas, expect a rougher ride. Also, the weather and terrain can create their own challenges, such as  snow-covered roads in the North, and sand-covered roads in the arid landscape of Rajasthan. You will likely encounter a mix of road conditions, which only adds to the adventure!


Planet Ride’s Royal Enfield Tours India

When it comes to discovering India on a motorbike, Planet Ride offers the widest assortment of tour options and route choices. Planet Ride’s tours span throughout the Indian sub-continent, where skilled and experienced locals help organize a safe and exciting trip. These friendly guides help organize and customize the trip to your exact needs, so that you are treated with a trip of a lifetime.


Again, your tour options are nearly endless. You’ll be able to choose from Royal Enfield tours India that cover the northern regions, or opt for exploring the coastal beaches of Goa on a Vespa. One of the glorious remnants of British industries in India, the Royal Enfield is still manufactured in India and stands tall as one of the most reliable rides. It is available in 350cc and 500cc, featuring a robust construction and easily available spare parts throughout the country. Royal Enfield tours India is extremely popular and you can spot several tourists cruising the Indian roads on this bike. Apart from that, Vespas, or some Japanese bikes, can also be spotted on the Indian roads.


Other adventure offerings in India

India is a land of endless adventure possibilities. From hiking in the intimidating hilly terrains, to pumping up the adrenaline by indulging in a challenging water sport, there are a plethora of options available for tourists in India. One can have a peaceful holiday soaking in the natural beauty, or relaxing on the beach, or opt to step up the thrill by undertaking something challenging as well.