Aaah, Bikers! They love their bike more than anything in the world and share this common passion. Are you a biker yourself? Then you will inevitably recognize yourself in the situations below!

Here are the 10 things that bikers do! 

#1 pamper his bike more than his house or car (if there is a car) and consider it a part of oneself.

Your apartment or house can be messy but if there is one thing you don’t neglect, it’s your bike! Bichonnée and glossy, the latter is always in its most beautiful device at each exit.


#2 turn every time a roar sounds, trying to perceive the model of the bike in question. And sometimes even unwittingly play the riddles game with his brain before turning back to confirm.

Your hearing is over-developed, or at least very receptive to the whirs of motorcycle engines and you can’t help but contemplate a particular bike that runs down the road.


#3 be enjoyable during an express overrun in peak hour and notice the car queue getting heavier behind.

When you are in a traffic jam you can only be happy to be a biker to avoid wasting your time whining at the wheel of a car. You save time and that’s precious!


#4 ask again and again what is the next acquisition. And on the contrary, have the impression of selling a part of oneself during the sale of the previous motorcycle.

If the temptation to always acquire new models is dense, it is always difficult for you to separate yourself from your old model with which you keep unforgettable memories. If you could get a collection of motorcycles in your garage, you would!


5 # Launch “V” between riders

This famous way of greeting at the Barry Sheene has remained in the morals since the years 70. And it’s not ready to stop…


#6 know what the word “inline” means.

You know what a “you” are, and you love them! These beautiful curves, meandering in the mountains in particular, make you roar of pleasure! You love motorcycle trips in Auvergne for example to enjoy riding on its winding roads.


#7 like to take a picture of you with your bike like she’s your promise.

You and your bike form a whole, and you like to enhance its voluptuous forms and your “complicity”. In fact, your bike is part of you and is your favorite road mate.


#8 be obsessed by the rear tires of the bikes you see to watch the band of fear and the condition of the calluses, in order to know if its owner “touches”.

Because being a biker is also about liking sensations. So you like to see his brands that say a lot about the biker style that the bike belongs to. These little “tics” of the look are however inevitable and sometimes even make you smile internally.


#9 not lose an opportunity to go out rider with friends or even bikers you don’t know!

The bike is also a large community of enthusiasts. So you don’t miss any dates or outings with friends, or just enthusiasts like you. It allows you to meet with unknown people with whom you can weave ties reinforced by sharing this passion!


#10 and to finish (not least), rider when your morale is in the socks to get you back plumb. And even rider short because the bike is also a great passion.

Biker one day, biker always!


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