We often speak of the United States as a destination apart, where a kind of magic operates, where the American dream is fulfilled, where history fascinates and where cosmopolitan peoples live together … If the country of uncle Sam welcomes every year some 66,700,000 tourists from all over the world, there is a good reason, and even more than one. The proof, here are five that will convince you to put your suitcases in the States!

1 – These mystical cities of cinema that make us dream …

New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, New Jersey … Almost all major US cities have paraded on our small screens, leaving in our heads completely crazy images: gigantic skyscrapers, sparkling lights, extravagant buildings, unusual monuments, colorful fastfoods and urban parks … All ingredients that shape in the spirit of a certain idea of ​​the American Way of Life that fascinates, that attracts and that makes say: “one day I will go there!

Who never dreamed of climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty or flying over the Empire State Building by helicopter, seeing “with his eyes seen” the White House, visiting the Universal Studios of Hollywood, gazing at the Space Needle, spending a night at Ceasar’s Palace, taking a selfie in front of the Millenium Park Mirror Ball, strolling down the South Beach boulevards or crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in a red convertible?

But big cities are not everything. Less scripted communities like Old Barrington (Massachusetts), Mill Valley (California), Buttler (Pennsylvania), Brattleboro (Vermont), and Marfa (Texas) are waiting for visitors to discover unsuspected discoveries!

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2 – The kaleidoscope of landscapes and biodiversity

The US soil covers 9,834,000,000 km². A territory as far as the eye can see where nature comes in all forms: great plains, vertiginous mountains, lush forests, tropical beaches, arid deserts, huge glaciers … The most impressive landscapes, climates and geological formations, but the more improbable also abound and sometimes rub shoulders, and these ecosystems teeming with lives are each in their own way, a marvelous spectacle.

It is besides this amazing parade of the landscapes which pushes the newcomers to cross the country by the road, mixing pleasure of the voyage and discoveries. By car or motorbike, the sensations offered by the US roads and curiosities to discover are touted everywhere. Yellowstone (Wyoming), Sequoia national park and Yosemite (California), Death Valley (Nevada), Bryce Canyon (Utah), Everglades (Florida) and Denali (Alaska) are some of the must see natural sites!

The legendary Route 66 is also an alternative to commune with this incredible biodiversity, given the multitude of national parks that borders it: Palo Duro Canyon, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Mojave, Joshua Tree, Mesa Verde …

3 – The motorcycle rallies and the ride on an authentic Harley

All those who have tried it will tell you: riding on the roads of the United States is a unique experience! In Uncle Sam’s country, the road-trip and especially the motorcycle trip, has become a kind of tradition, so there are special events dedicated to two-wheeled fans: bike weeks and motorcycle rallies. Each year, there are more than 500 000 followers of the handlebar to gather around parades, demonstrations, festivities and competitions of all kinds.

Needless to say that to be a biker worthy of the name, one must have participated at least once in a bike festival. To be there, do not hesitate to peel online diaries and choose the one that suits you. And for the breakaway to be really immersive, the machine to drive will inevitably be a Harley Davidson, the machine par excellence for an authentic adventure on the roads of America, because we can not do more American!

Whether you choose the West or the East, the Pacific Coast or the Atlantic coast, or the Dixie Road, the adventure in Harley across the United States promises driving pleasures that you still have never known, a delight of the eyes at every turn and imperishable memories to create …

4 – The secular and plural culture

The United States is also an ideal destination for culture lovers, because they are centuries of history, dozens of waves of people, and all-out influences that have shaped the country as we know it. The prestigious museums and historic monuments of major urban centers already offer a glimpse into the culture of the United States from past and present (Metropolitan Museum, MoMA, Guggenheim, Smithsonian Institution, Getty Center, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Seattle Art Museum, Experience Musci …).

But to penetrate the deep and original America, the ideal is to make the road: go to the conquest of Mesa Verde, Taos and Santa Fe to trace the past of the Anasazis, take the route of the blues and follow the footsteps of Johnny Cash and BB King from Chicago to New Orleans via Memphis, step back into the colonial era and discover the architectural heritage (17th and 18th century) of Louisiana, go to the Rushmore Mountains to relive the expedition by Thomas Jefferson and revive the legends of the Wild West by visiting Deadwood and Cody …

In terms of cultural curiosities, the ideas of visit and activities to do are not lacking in the United States and again, the diversity is at the rendezvous you!

5 – Entertainments

The States are also the dream country of the little ones, but also of the big children in search of thrills, unusual and magic. There are some 200 complexes exclusively dedicated to fun. Amusement parks, theme parks, water parks … The choice is simply unlimited! Universal Islands of Adventure and Magic Kingdom (Orlando), Cedar Point (Sandusky), Knoebels Amusement Resort (Elysburg), Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg ), Schlitterbahn (Kansas), Water World (Colorado), Magic Magic Six Flags (Valencia) and McKamey Manor (San Diego) are among the must-see …

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