Opened in 1936 after 8 years of work, the Trollstigen is one of the most popular and tourist roads in Norway. Nestled in the hollow of the mountains and 20 km long, this mythical road connects two fjords of the Norwegian West. It is impressive by its high elevation of up to 10% as well as its 11 hairpin turns, all on the mountainside!

Although it was enlarged some time ago, it remains extremely narrow and it is sometimes difficult to cross another vehicle! The road also has many very tight curves of what to delight the most adventurous! At the highest point you will find a parking area allowing you to leave your vehicle and get to the point of view dominating the road and its beautiful laces as well as the beautiful waterfall of Stigfossen, high of 320 meters!

Lined with moss, snow, rocks, flowers, steep walls, deep fjords and waterfalls, you ride in an intact, typically Norwegian nature. Throughout the road you can admire beautiful landscapes on the surrounding mountains. The road also offers views of the Geiranger fjord, the latter is enshrined in Unesco’s World Heritage and is definitely worth a visit!

The Trollstigen is considered the wildest road in the country! Be careful if you go there in winter, the road is not accessible because of very cold temperatures and frost, which make it dangerous!  The Trollstigen offers a unique, exceptional and memorable driving experience!

Discover the lunar landscapes, beaches of fine sand, museums and treasures hidden during a road trip in Norway in camping car, motorbike or car!

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